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IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
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1Leitner, Philipp ; Hummer, Waldemar ; Dustdar, Schahram Cost-Based Optimization of Service Compositions (Spotlight Paper)Artikel Article2013
2Murturi, Ilir ; Dustdar, Schahram A Decentralized Approach for Resource Discovery using Metadata Replication in Edge NetworksArticle Artikel 2022
3Zhao, Hailiang ; Deng, Shuiguang ; Liu, Zijie ; Yin, Jianwei ; Dustdar, Schahram Distributed Redundant Placement for Microservice-based Applications at the EdgeArtikel Article 2022
4Tsigkanos-2022-IEEE Transactions on Services Computing-vor.pdf.jpgTsigkanos, Christos ; Bersani, Marcello M. ; Frangoudis, Pantelis ; Dustdar, Schahram Edge-Based Runtime Verification for the Internet of ThingsArticle Artikel 7-Oct-2022
5Michlmayr, Anton ; Rosenberg, Florian ; Leitner, Philipp ; Dustdar, Schahram End-to-End Support for QoS-Aware Service Selection, Binding and Mediation in VRESCoArtikel Article 2010
6Schall, Daniel ; Skopik, Florian ; Dustdar, Schahram Expert Discovery and Interactions in Mixed Service-Oriented SystemsArtikel Article2012
7Ren, Pei ; Qiao, Xiuquan ; Huang, Yakun ; Liu, Ling ; Pu, Calton ; Dustdar, Schahram Fine-Grained Elastic Partitioning for Distributed DNN Towards Mobile Web AR Services in the 5G EraArticle Artikel 2022
8He, Keqing ; Zhang, Liang-Jie ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Ma, Yutao Guest Editorial: Cloud Services Meet Big DataArtikel Article2018
9He, Keqing ; Zhang, Liang-Jie ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Ma, Yutao Guest Editorial: Cloud Services Meet Big Data - Part IIArtikel Article2018
10Gambi, Alessio ; Pezze, Mauro ; Toffetti, Giovanni Kriging-Based Self-Adaptive Cloud ControllersArtikel Article 2016
11Mazzara, Manuel ; Dragoni, Nicola ; Bucchiarone, Antonio ; Giaretta, Alberto ; Larsen, Stephan T. ; Dustdar, Schahram Microservices: Migration of a Mission Critical SystemArtikel Article 2021
12Dai, Xingxia ; Xiao, Zhu ; Jiang, Hongbo ; Lei, Ming ; Min, Geyong ; Liu, Jiangchuan ; Dustdar, Schahram Offloading Dependent Tasks in Edge Computing With Unknown System-Side InformationArticle Artikel Nov-2023
13Hoenisch, Philipp ; Schuller, Dieter ; Schulte, Stefan ; Hochreiner, Christoph ; Dustdar, Schahram Optimization of Complex Elastic ProcessesArtikel Article 2016
14Vögler, Michael ; Schleicher, Johannes Michael ; Inzinger, Christian ; Dustdar, Schahram Optimizing Elastic IoT Application DeploymentsArtikel Article 2018
15Lujic, Ivan ; De Maio, Vincenzo ; Brandic, Ivona Resilient Edge Data Management FrameworkArtikel Article 2020
16Avasalcai, Cosmin Florin ; Tsigkanos, Christos ; Dustdar, Schahram Resource Management for Latency-Sensitive IoT Applications With SatisfiabilityArticle Artikel 2022
17Lujic, Ivan ; De Maio, Vincenzo ; Venugopal, Srikumar ; Brandic, Ivona SEA-LEAP: Self-adaptive and Locality-aware Edge Analytics PlacementArtikel Article 2021
18Benouaret, Karim ; Sacharidis, Dimitris ; Benslimane, Djamal ; Hadjali, Allel Selecting Services for Multiple Users: Let's Be DemocraticArtikel Article 2018
19Li, Kexin ; Wang, Xingwei ; He, Qiang ; Yang, Mingzhou ; Huang, Min ; Dustdar, Schahram Task Computation Offloading for Multi-Access Edge Computing via Attention Communication Deep Reinforcement LearningArticle Artikel 25-Jan-2023
20Sharghivand, Nafiseh ; Mashayekhy, Lena ; Ma, Weibin ; Dustdar, Schahram Time-Constrained Service Handoff for Mobile Edge Computing in 5GArticle Artikel Jun-2023