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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
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1Mollova, Guergana Stoytcheva ; Mecklenbräuker, Wolfgang F. G. A Design Method for 3-D FIR Cone-Shaped Filters Based on the McClellan TransformationArtikel Article2009
2Rupp, Markus A Family of Adaptive Filter Algorithms with Decorrelating PropertiesArtikel Article1998
3Doblinger, Gerhard A Fast Design Method for Perfect-Reconstruction Uniform Cosine-Modulated Filter BanksArtikel Article2012
4Meyer, Florian ; Braca, Paolo ; Willett, Peter ; Hlawatsch, Franz A scalable algorithm for tracking an unknown number of targets using multiple sensorsArtikel Article 2017
5Rupp, Markus ; Sayed, A.H. A Time-Domain Feedback Analysis of Filtered-Error Adaptive Gradient AlgorithmsArtikel Article1996
6Schwarz, Stefan ; Heath, Robert W. ; Rupp, Markus Adaptive Quantization on a Grassmann-Manifold for Limited Feedback Beamforming SystemsArtikel Article2013
7Rupp, Markus ; Frenzel, R. Analysis of LMS and NLMS Algorithms with Delayed Coefficient Update Under the Presence of Spherically Invariant ProcessesArtikel Article1994
8Xaver, Florian ; Gerstoft, Peter ; Matz, Gerald ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph Analytic Sequential Weiss-Weinstein BoundsArtikel Article2013
9Hlawatsch, Franz ; Krattenthaler, Werner Bilinear signal synthesisArtikel Article1992
10Hlawatsch, Franz ; Urbanke, R.L. Bilinear time-frequency representations of signals: The shift-scale invariant classArtikel Article1994
11Kail, Georg ; Tourneret, Jean-Yves ; Hlawatsch, Franz ; Dobigeon, Nicolas Blind deconvolution of sparse pulse sequences under a minimum distance constraint: A partially collapsed Gibbs sampler methodArtikel Article2012
12Rupp, Markus Bursting in the LMS AlgorithmArtikel Article1995
13Fertl, Peter ; Matz, Gerald Channel Estimation in Wireless OFDM Systems With Irregular Pilot DistributionArtikel Article2010
14Tauböck, Georg Complex noise analysis of DMTArtikel Article2007
15Sluciak, Ondrej ; Rupp, Markus Consensus algorithms with state-dependent weightsArtikel Article 2016
16Hlinka, Ondrej ; Hlawatsch, Franz ; Djuric, Petar Consensus-based distributed particle filtering with distributed proposal adaptationArtikel Article2014
17Rupp, Markus Convergence Properties of Adaptive Equalizer AlgorithmsArtikel Article2011
18Etzlinger, Bernhard ; Meyer, Florian ; Hlawatsch, Franz ; Springer, Andreas ; Wymeersch, Henk Cooperative simultaneous localization and synchronization in mobile agent networksArtikel Article 2017
19Chung, Pei-Jung ; Böhme, Johann ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph ; Hero, Alfred Detection of the Number of Signals Using the Benjamini--Hochberg ProcedureArtikel Article2007
20Reise, Günter ; Matz, Gerald ; Gröchenig, Karlheinz Distributed field reconstruction in wireless sensor networks based on hybrid shift-invariant spacesArtikel Article2012