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IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
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1Leitinger, Erik ; Meyer, Florian ; Hlawatsch, Franz ; Witrisal, Klaus ; Tufvesson, Fredrik ; Win, Moe Z. A belief propagation algorithm for multipath-based SLAMArtikel Article 2019
2Taranetz, Martin ; Rupp, Markus A Circular Interference Model for Heterogeneous Cellular NetworksArtikel Article2015
3Fereydooni, Mehdi ; Sabaei, Masoud ; Dehghan, Mehdi ; Taranetz, Martin ; Rupp, Markus A Mathematical Framework to Evaluate Flexible Outdoor User Association in Urban Two-Tier Cellular NetworksArtikel Article 2018
4Weichselberger, Werner ; Herdin, Markus ; Özcelik, Hüseyin ; Bonek, Ernst A Stochastic MIMO Channel Model With Joint Correlation of Both Link EndsArtikel Article 2006
5Simko, Michal ; Diniz, Paulo S. R. ; Wang, Qi ; Rupp, Markus Adaptive Pilot-Symbol Patterns for MIMO OFDM SystemsArtikel Article2013
6Taranetz, Martin ; Heath, Robert W. ; Rupp, Markus Analysis of Urban Two-Tier Heterogeneous Mobile Networks with Small Cell PartitioningArtikel Article 2016
7Matz, Gerald ; Schafhuber, Dieter ; Grochenig, Karlheinz ; Hartmann, Manfred ; Hlawatsch, Franz Analysis, optimization, and implementation of low-interference wireless multicarrier systemsArtikel Article 21-May-2007
8Zeinalpour-Yazdi, Zolfa ; Nasiri-Kenari, Masoumeh ; Aazhang, Behnaam ; Wehinger, Joachim ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph Bounds on the Delay-Constrained Capacity of UWB Communication with a Relay NodeArtikel Article 2009
9Czink, Nicolai ; Yin, Xuefeng ; Özcelik, Hüseyin ; Herdin, Markus ; Bonek, Ernst ; Fleury, Bernard Cluster Characteristics in a MIMO Indoor Propagation EnvironmentArtikel Article 2007
10Huang, Zeyu ; Rodriguez-Pineiro, Jose ; Dominguez-Bolano, Tomas ; Cai, Xuesong ; Yin, Xuefeng Empirical Dynamic Modeling for Low-Altitude UAV Propagation ChannelsArtikel Article 2021
11Schwarz, Stefan ; Rupp, Markus Evaluation of Distributed Multi-User MIMO-OFDM with Limited FeedbackArtikel Article2014
12Rodríguez-Pineiro, José ; Huang, Zeyu ; Cai, Xuesong ; Domínguez-Bolaño, Tomás ; Yin, Xuefeng Geometry-Based MPC Tracking and Modeling Algorithm for Time-Varying UAV ChannelsArtikel Article 2020
13Karedal, Johan ; Tufvesson, Fredrik ; Czink, Nicolai ; Paier, Alexander ; Dumard, Charlotte ; Zemen, Thomas ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph ; Molisch, Andreas A Geometry-Based Stochastic MIMO Model for Vehicle-to-Vehicle CommunicationsArtikel Article 2009
14Zemen, Thomas ; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph ; Wehinger, Joachim ; Müller, R. R. Iterative Joint Time-Variant Channel Estimation and Multi-User Detection for MC-CDMAArtikel Article 2006
15Xu, Xiaoyan ; Flanagan, Mark F. ; Goertz, Norbert ; Thompson, John Joint Channel and Network Coding for Cooperative Diversity in a Shared-Relay EnvironmentArtikel Article2010
16Wrulich, Martin ; Mehlführer, Christian ; Rupp, Markus Managing the Interference Structure of MIMO HSDPA: A Multi-User Interference Aware MMSE Receiver with Moderate ComplexityArtikel Article Apr-2010
17Krikidis, Ioannis ; Thompson, John S. ; Mclaughlin, Steve ; Goertz, Norbert Max-Min Relay Selection for Legacy Amplify-and-Forward Systems with InterferenceArtikel Article2009
18Schafhuber, Dieter ; Matz, Gerald MMSE and Adaptive Prediction of Time-Varying Channels for OFDM SystemsArtikel Article2005
19Matz, Gerald On non-WSSUS wireless fading channelsArtikel Article2005
20Baumgartner, Thomas ; Bonek, Ernst On the Optimum Number of Beams for Fixed Beam Smart Antennas in UMTS FDDArtikel Article2006