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1Melenk, Jens Markus ; Eibner, Tino A local error analysis of the boundary concentrated FEMArtikel Article2006
2Gopalakrishnan, Jay ; Lederer, Philip L ; Schöberl, Joachim A mass conserving mixed stress formulation for the Stokes equationsArtikel Article 2019
3Erath, Christoph ; Praetorius, Dirk Adaptive vertex-centered finite volume methods for general second-order linear elliptic PDEsArtikel Article 2019
4Schöberl, Joachim ; Melenk, Jens Markus ; Pechstein, Clemens ; Zaglmayr, Sabine Additive Schwarz preconditioning for p-version triangular and tetrahedral finite elementsArtikel Article2008
5Braess, Dietrich ; Pechstein, Astrid S ; Schöberl, Joachim An Equilibration Based A Posteriori Error Estimate for the Biharmonic Equation and Two Finite Element MethodsArtikel Article 2020
6Bespalov, Alex ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Ruggeri, Michele Convergence and rate optimality of adaptive multilevel stochastic Galerkin FEMArtikel Article 2021
7Daus, Esther S ; Jüngel, Ansgar ; Zurek, Antoine Convergence of a finite-volume scheme for a degenerate-singular cross-diffusion system for biofilmsArtikel Article 2020
8Daus, Esther S ; Jüngel, Ansgar ; Zurek, Antoine Convergence of a finite-volume scheme for a degenerate-singular cross-diffusion system for biofilmsArtikel Article 2021
9Faustmann, Markus ; Melenk, Jens Markus ; Praetorius, Dirk Existence of H-matrix approximants to the inverse of BEM matrices: the hyper-singular integral operatorArtikel Article 2017
10Melenk, Jens Markus ; Rieder, Alexander An exponentially convergent discretization for space–time fractional parabolic equations using 𝘩𝘱-FEMArticle Artikel 15-Oct-2022
11Markus Melenk, Jens ; Rieder, Alexander hp-FEM for the fractional heat equationArtikel Article 2021
12Di Fratta, Giovanni ; Pfeiler, Carl-Martin ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Ruggeri, Michele ; Stiftner, Bernhard Linear second-order IMEX-type integrator for the (eddy current) Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equationArtikel Article 2020
13Banas, Lubomir ; Page, Marcus ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Rochat, Jonathan On the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equations with magnetostrictionArtikel Article2014
14Gantner, Gregor ; Praetorius, Dirk Plain convergence of adaptive algorithms without exploiting reliability and efficiencyArtikel Article 2022
15Lederer, Philip L ; Schöberl, Joachim Polynomial robust stability analysis for H(div)-conforming finite elements for the Stokes equationsArtikel Article2018
16Melenk, J. M. ; Rezaijafari, H. ; Wohlmuth, B. Quasi-optimal a priori estimates for fluxes in mixed finite element methods and applications to the Stokes--Darcy couplingArtikel Article2014
17Gantner, Gregor ; Haberl, Alexander ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Stiftner, Bernhard Rate optimal adaptive FEM with inexact solver for nonlinear operatorsArtikel Article 2018
18Melenk, J. M. ; Xenophontos, C. ; Oberbroeckling, L. Robust exponential convergence of hp-FEM for singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion systems with multiple scalesArtikel Article2013
19Grohs, P. Smoothness of interpolatory multivariate subdivision in Lie groups.Artikel Article2009