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Information and Computation
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1Calvanese, Diego ; Eiter, Thomas ; Ortiz, Magdalena Answering Regular Path Queries in Expressive Description Logics via Alternating Tree-AutomataArtikel Article2014
2Bodirsky, Manuel ; Dalmau, Victor ; Barnaby, Martin ; Mottet, Antoine ; Pinsker, Michael Distance constraint satisfaction problemsArtikel Article Apr-2016
3Aminof Benjamin - 2017 - First-cycle games.pdf.jpgAminof, Benjamin ; Rubin, Sasha First-cycle gamesArticle Artikel 2017
4Bova, Simone ; Chen, Hubie ; Valeriote, Matthew Generic Expression Hardness Results for Primitive Positive Formula ComparisonArtikel Article2013
5Aminof Benjamin - 2018 - Graded modalities in Strategy Logic.pdf.jpgAminof, Benjamin ; Malvone, Vadim ; Murano, Aniello ; Rubin, Sasha Graded modalities in Strategy LogicArticle Artikel 2018
6Bartocci, Ezio ; Bortolussi, Luca ; Smolka, Scott A. Hybrid Systems and BiologyArtikel Article2014
7Bazhenov, Nikolay ; Fokina, Ekaterina ; San Mauro, Luca Learning families of algebraic structures from informantArtikel Article 2020
8Dobe, Oyendrila ; Ábrahám, Erika ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Bonakdarpour, Borzoo Model checking hyperproperties for Markov decision processesArticle Artikel 2022
9Konnov, Igor ; Veith, Helmut ; Widder, Josef On the completeness of bounded model checking for threshold-based distributed algorithms: ReachabilityArtikel Article 2017
10Fellows, Michael R. ; Fomin, Fedor V. ; Lokshtanov, Daniel ; Rosamond, Frances ; Saurabh, Saket ; Szeider, Stefan ; Thomassen, Carsten On the Complexity of Some Colorful Problems Parameterized by TreewidthArtikel Article2011
11Eberhard, Sebastian ; Hetzl, Stefan On the Compressibility of Finite Languages and Formal ProofsArtikel Article 2018
12Blieberger, Johann Real-Time Properties of Indirect Recursive ProceduresArtikel Article2001
13Schupp, Stefan ; Ábrahám, Erika ; Ebert, Tristan Recent developments in theory and tool support for hybrid systems verification with HyProArticle Artikel 2022
14Bartocci, Ezio ; Mateis, Cristinel ; Nesterini, Eleonora ; Nickovic, Dejan Survey on mining signal temporal logic specificationsArticle Artikel Nov-2022
15Müller, Moritz ; Szeider, Stefan The Treewidth of ProofsArtikel Article 2017
16Powell, Thomas ; Schuster, Peter ; Wiesnet, Franziskus A universal algorithm for Krull's theoremArtikel Article 2021