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1Artner, Christine ; Kronister, Stefan ; Schubert, Ulrich A 4:1 adduct of titanium alkoxides and lead acetateArtikel Article 1-Oct-2017
2Gusev, Alexey N. ; Shulgin, Victor F. ; Riush, Irina O. ; Lyssenko, Konstantin A. ; Eremenko, Igor L. ; Linert, Wolfgang A new family of Co(II), Ni(II), Fe(II) triple helicate systems on 5,5′-di(pyridin-2-yl)-3,3′-bi(1,2,4-triazole) basis: Synthesis, structure and magnetic studiesArtikel Article Feb-2017
3Shul’gin, Victor F. ; Konnik, O.V. ; Abkhairova, Susana V. ; Gusev, Alexey N. ; Meshkova, Svetlana B. ; Kiriyak, A.V. ; Rusanov, E.B. ; Hasegawa, Miki ; Linert, Wolfgang Anionic lanthanide complexes with 3-methyl-1-phenyl-4-formylpyrazole-5-one and hydroxonium as counter ionArtikel Article 1-Jun-2013
4Calhorda, Maria José ; Costa, Paulo J. ; Kirchner, Karl A. Benzene and heterocyclic rings formation in cycloaddition reactions catalyzed by RuCp derivatives: DFT studiesArtikel Article2011
5Czakler, Matthias ; Schubert, Ulrich Carboxylate-substituted Ti(IV) oxo clusters with a Ti3O coreArtikel Article 2018
6Hassan, Nader ; Weinberger, Peter ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Werner, Franz ; Molnar, Gabor ; Bousseksou, Azzedine ; Valtiner, Markus ; Linert, Wolfgang Comparative Investigations on a series of [hexakis(1-(tetrazol-1-yl)alkane-N4)iron(II)] bis(tetrafluoroborate) Spin Crossover Complexes: Methyl- to Butyl-substituted SpeciesArtikel Article2008
7Amirnasr, Mehdi ; Rasouli, Mahdieh ; Mereiter, Kurt Copper(I) complexes of new N₂S₂ donor Schiff-base ligands derived from 1,2-bis-(2-amino-phenylsulfanyl)ethaneArtikel Article2013
8Gusev, Alexey N. ; Shulgin, Victor F. ; Zamnius, Ekaterina A. ; Ricci, Monica ; Minin, Vadim V. ; Aleksandrov, Grygory G. ; Eremenko, Igor L. ; Linert, Wolfgang Copper(II) complexes with flexible polydentate bispycolylamidrazone ligands: synthesis, structure and magnetic studiesArtikel Article 2015
9Niedermair, Fabian ; Waich, Kerstin ; Kappaun, Stefan ; Mayr, Torsten ; Trimmel, Gregor ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Slugovc, Christian Heteroleptic κ²(N,C²)-2-phenylpyridine platinum complexes: The use of bis(pyrazolyl)borates as ancillary ligandsArtikel Article 2007
10Moi, Sankar Chandra ; Mahata, Sujay ; Mukherjee, Subhajit ; Mitra, Ishani ; Bhaduri, Rituparna ; Chandra, Krishnendu ; Mandal, Saikat ; Linert, Wolfgang Influence of steric and electronic effect of carrier ligand on kinetics & mechanism of Pt(II) complexes with L-cysteine and its substituted derivatives: Their experimental and DFT-based theoretical study",Artikel Article 2019
11Gusev, Alexey ; Baluda, Yuriy ; Braga, Elena ; Kryukova, Mariya ; Kiskin, Mikhail ; Chuyan, Elena ; Ravaeva, Marina ; Cheretaev, Igor ; Linert, Wolfgang Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Zn salicylates: synthesis, structure and biological properties studiesArtikel Article 2021
12Lichtenberger, Robert ; Baumann, Stefan O. ; Bendova, Maria ; Maurer, Christian ; Schubert, Ulrich Modification of yttrium alkoxides: b-Ketoesterate-substituted yttrium alkoxo/hydroxo/oxo clustersArtikel Article2011
13Abdi, Khatereh ; Hadadzadeh, Hassan ; Weil, Matthias ; Rudbari, Hadi Amiri Mono- and polynuclear copper(II) complexes based on 2,4,6-tris(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine and its hydrolyzed formArtikel Article2014
14Artner, Christine ; Czakler, Matthias ; Schubert, Ulrich New zirconium and zirconium-titanium oxo cluster types by expansion or metal substitution of the octahedral Zr₆O₈ structural motifArtikel Article 2015
15Gusev, Alexey N. ; Shul’gin, Victor F. ; Konnic, Oleg V. ; Meshkova, Svetlana B. ; Aleksandrov, Grygory G. ; Kiskin, Mikhail A. ; Eremenko, Igor L. ; Linert, Wolfgang New Zn complexes based on 1,2,4-triazoles: synthesis, structure and luminescenceArtikel Article 1-Oct-2011
16Felbermair, Elisabeth ; Akbarzadeh, Johanna ; Peterlik, Herwig ; Sidorenko, Andrey ; Paschen, Silke ; Schubert, Ulrich Ni²⁺-Fe3+ cyanometallate structures covalently embedded in silica: Influence of the blocking ligand at Ni²⁺Artikel Article 2019
17Gusev, Alexey N. ; Hasegawa, Miki ; Shul’gin, Victor F. ; Nishchymenko, Galyna A. ; Linert, Wolfgang Photophysical studies on ternary mixed ligand europium complexes containing pyridyltriazolylmethane and 1,3-diketonate ligandsArtikel Article 1-Apr-2014
18Hassan, Nader ; Stelzl, Julia ; Weinberger, Peter ; Molnar, Gabor ; Bousseksou, Azzedine ; Kubel, Frank ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Boca, Roman ; Linert, Wolfgang Spectroscopic, structural and magnetic inverstigations of iron(II) complexes based on 1-isopropyl- and 1-isobutyl-substituted tetrazole ligandsArtikel Article2013
19Gusev, Alexey N. ; Shul’gin, Victor F. ; Meshkova, Svetlana B. ; Doga, Pavel G. ; Hasegawa, Miki ; Aleksandrov, Grygory G. ; Eremenko, Igor L. ; Linert, Wolfgang Structural and photophysical studies of europium complexes containing triazole ligandsArtikel Article 23-Feb-2012
20Amiri, Ahmad ; Amirnasr, Mehdi ; Meghdadi, Soraia ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Ghodsi, Vahid ; Gholami, Akram Structural effects on electrochemical properties of the carboxamide complexes [Niᴵᴵ(Mebpb)] and [Niᴵᴵ(Mebqb)]Artikel Article2009