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Inorganic Chemistry
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1Zwettler, Niklas ; Grover, Nidhi ; Belaj, Ferdinand ; Kirchner, Karl ; Mösch-Zanetti, Nadia C. Activation of Molecular Oxygen by a Molybdenum(IV) Imido CompoundArtikel Article 2017
2Manzano, Blanca R. ; Jalon, Felix A. ; Soriano, M. Laura ; Carrion, M.C. ; Carranza, M. Pilar ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Rodriguez, Ana M. ; de la Hoz, Antonio ; Sanchez-Migallon, Ana Anion-Dependent Self -Assembly of Siver(I) and Diaminotriazines to Coordination Polymers: Non-Covalent Bonds and Role Interchange between Silver and Hydrogen BondsArtikel Article2008
3Falmbigl, M. ; Kneidinger, F. ; Chen, M. ; Grytsiv, A. ; Michor, H. ; Royanian, E. ; Bauer, E. ; Effenberger, H. ; Podloucky, R. ; Rogl, P. Cage-Forming Compounds in the Ba-Rh-Ge System: From Thermoelectrics to SuperconductivityArtikel Article 2013
4Kogler, Michaela ; Köck, Eva-Maria ; Vanicek, Stefan ; Schmidmair, Daniela ; Götsch, Thomas ; Stöger-Pollach, Michael ; Hejny, Clivia ; Klötzer, Bernhard ; Penner, Simon Enhanced Kinetic Stability of Pure and Y‐Doped Tetragonal ZrO₂Artikel Article2014
5Pecak, Jan ; Stöger, Berthold ; Mastalir, Matthias ; Veiros, Luis F. ; Ferreira, Liliana P. ; Pignitter, Marc ; Linert, Wolfgang ; Kirchner, Karl Five-Coordinate Low-spin {FeNO}7 PNP Pincer ComplexesArtikel Article 2019
6Maratini, Federica ; Pandolfo, Luciano ; Bendova, Maria ; Schubert, Ulrich ; Bauer, Matthias ; Rocchia, Massimiliano ; Venzo, Alfonso ; Tondello, Eugenio ; Gross, Silvia From Thioxo Cluster to Dithio Cluster: Exploring the Chemistry of Polynuclear Zirconium Complexes with S,O and S,S LigandsArtikel Article2011
7Weil, Matthias ; Tillmanns, Ekkehart ; Pushcharovsky, Dmitry Yu. Hydrothermal Single-Crystal Growth in the Systems Ag/Hg/X/O (X = VV, AsV): Crystal Structures of (Ag3Hg)VO4, (Ag2Hg2)3(VO4)4, and (Ag2Hg2)2(HgO2)(AsO4)2 with then Unusual Tetrahedral Cluster Cations (Ag3Hg)3+ and (Ag2Hg2)4# and Crystal Structure of AgHgVO4Artikel Article2005
8Kovnir, Kirill ; Stockert, Ulrike ; Budnyk, Sergij ; Prots, Yurii ; Baitinger, Michael ; Paschen, Silke ; Shevelkov, Andrei V. ; Grin, Yuri Introducing a Magnetic Guest to a Tetrel-Free Clathrate: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of EuₓBa₈₋ₓCu₁₆P₃₀ (0 ≤ x ≤ 1.5)Artikel Article2011
9Himmelbauer, Daniel ; Mastalir, Matthias ; Stöger, Berthold ; Veiros, Luis F. ; Pignitter, Marc ; Somoza, Veronika ; Kirchner, Karl Iron PCP Pincer Complexes in Three Oxidation States: Reversible Ligand Protonation to Afford an Fe(0) Complex with an Agostic C-H Arene BondArtikel Article 2018
10Freccero, Riccardo ; De Negri, Serena ; Rogl, Gerda ; Binder, Georg ; Michor, Herwig ; Rogl, Peter Franz ; Saccone, A. ; Solokha, Pavlo La₂Pd₃Ge₅ and Nd₂Pd₃Ge₅ Compounds: Chemical Bonding and Physical PropertiesArtikel Article 2021
11Chogondahalli Muniraju, N.K. ; Baral, R. ; Tian, Yefan ; Li, Rui ; Poudel, Narayan ; Gofryk, Krzysztof ; Barisic, Neven ; Kiefer, Boris ; Ross, Joseph H. ; Nair, Harikrishnan S. Magnetocaloric Effect in a Frustrated Gd-Garnet with No Long-Range Magnetic OrderArtikel Article 2020
12Beckmann, Jens ; Bolsinger, Jens ; Duthie, Andrew ; Finke, Pamela ; Lork, Enno ; Lüdtke, Carsten ; Mallow, Ole ; Mebs, Stefan Mesityltellurenyl Cations Stabilized by Triphenylpnictogens [MesTe(EPh3) ] + (E = P, As, Sb)Artikel Article2012
13Koestler-2022-Inorganic Chemistry-vor.pdf.jpgKöstler, Benedikt ; Jungwirth, Felix ; Achenbach, Luisa ; Sistani, Masiar ; Bolte, Michael ; Lerner, Hans-Wolfram ; Albert, Philipp ; Wagner, Matthias ; Barth, Sven Mixed-Substituted Single-Source Precursors for Si1-xGex Thin Film DepositionArticle Artikel 31-Oct-2022
14Bartel, Matthias ; Absmeier, Alina ; Jameson, Guy N.L. ; Werner, Franz ; Kato, Kenichi ; Takata, Masaki ; Boca, Roman ; Hasegawa, Miki ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Caneschi, Andrea ; Linert, Wolfgang Modification of spin crossover behavior in a triply interpenetrating three-dimensional networkArtikel Article 2007
15Judmaier, Martina E. ; Wallner, Andreas ; Stipicic, Gregor N. ; Kirchner, Karl ; Baumgartner, Judith ; Belaj, Ferdinand ; Mösch-Zanetti, Nadia C. Molybdenum (VI) Dioxo Complexes with Tridentate Phenolate LigandsArtikel Article2009
16Margraf, Gunter ; Kretz, Tonia ; Fabrizi de Biani, Fabrizia ; Laschi, Franco ; Losi, Serena ; Zanello, Piero ; Bats, Jan W. ; Wolf, Bernd ; Removic-Langer, Katarina ; Lang, M. ; Prokofiev, Andrey ; Assmus, W. ; Lerner, Hans-Wolfram ; Wagner, Matthias Mono-, Di-, and Oligonuclear Complexes of Cuᴵᴵ Ions and p-Hydroquinone Ligands: Syntheses, Electrochemical Properties, and Magnetic BehaviorArtikel Article2006
17Ortiz, M. Isabel ; Soriano, M. Laura ; Carranza, M. Pilar ; Jalón, Félix A. ; Steed, Jonathan W. ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Rodríguez, Ana M. ; Quiñonero, David ; Deyà, Pere M. ; Manzano, Blanca R. New [2x2] Copper(I) Grids as Anion Receptors. Effect of Ligand Functionalization on the Ability to Host Counterions by Hydrogen BondsArtikel Article2010
18Albinati, Alberto ; Faccini, Francesco ; Gross, Silvia ; Kickelbick, Guido ; Rizzato, Silvia ; Venzo, Alfonso New Methacrylate-Functionalized Ba and Ba-Ti Oxoclusters as Potential Nanosized Building Blocks for Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials: Synthesis and CharacterizationArtikel Article2007
19Steinhauser, Georg ; Giester, Gerald ; Wagner, Christoph ; Weinberger, Peter ; Zachhuber, Bernhard ; Ramer, Georg ; Villa, Mario ; Lendl, Bernhard Nitrogen-rich Compounds of the Actinoids: Dioxouranium(VI) 5,5′- Azobis[tetrazolide] Pentahydrate and Its Unusually Small Uranyl AngleArtikel Article2012
20Scheffler, Dieter ; Grothe, Hinrich ; Willner, Helge ; Frenzel, Andreas ; Zetzsch, Cornelius Properties of Pure Nitryl Bromide. Thermal Behavior, UV/Vis and FTIR Spectra, and Photoisomerisation to trans-BrONO in an Argon MatrixArtikel Article 1997