International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

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International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
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1Vohland, M. ; Mader, S. ; Dorigo, W. Applying different inversion techniques to retrieve stand variables of summer barley with PROSPECT + SAILArtikel Article2010
2Teubner, Irene E. ; Forkel, Matthias ; Jung, Martin ; Liu, Yi Y. ; Miralles, Diego G. ; Parinussa, Robert ; van der Schalie, Robin ; Vreugdenhil, Mariette ; Schwalm, Christopher R. ; Tramontana, Gianluca ; Camps-Valls, Gustau ; Dorigo, Wouter A. Assessing the relationship between microwave vegetation optical depth and gross primary productionArtikel Article 2018
3Hostache, R. ; Matgen, P. ; Wagner, W. Change detection approaches for flood extent mapping: How to select the most adequate reference image from online archives?Artikel Article2012
4Qiu-2019-International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinforma...-am.pdf.jpgQiu, Jianxiu ; Crow, Wade ; Wagner, Wolfgang ; Zhao, Tianjie Effect of vegetation index choice on soil moisture retrievals via the synergistic use of synthetic aperture radar and optical remote sensingArticle Artikel Aug-2019
5Griesfeller, A. ; Lahoz, W.A. ; Jeu, ; Dorigo, W. ; Haugen, L.E. ; Svendby, T.M. ; Wagner, W. Evaluation of satellite soil moisture products over Norway using ground-based observationsArtikel Article 2016
6Schlaffer, Stefan ; Matgen, Patrick ; Hollaus, Markus ; Wagner, Wolfgang Flood detection from multi-temporal SAR data using harmonic analysis and change detectionArtikel Article 2015
7Zappa-2022-International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinfo...-vor.pdf.jpgZappa, Luca ; Schlaffer, Stefan ; Brocca, Luca ; Vreugdenhil, Mariette ; Nendel, Claas ; Dorigo, Wouter How accurately can we retrieve irrigation timing and water amounts from (satellite) soil moisture?Article Artikel Sep-2022
8Brocca, Luca ; Tarpanelli, Angelica ; Filippucci, Paolo ; Dorigo, Wouter ; Zaussinger, Felix ; Gruber, Alexander ; Fernández-Prieto, Diego How much water is used for irrigation? A new approach exploiting satellite soil moisture observationsArtikel Article 2018
9Laiolo, P. ; Gabellani, S. ; Campo, L. ; Silvestro, F. ; Delogu, F. ; Rudari, R. ; Pulvirenti, L. ; Boni, G. ; Fascetti, F. ; Pierdicca, N. ; Crapolicchio, R. ; Hasenauer, S. ; Puca, S. Impact of different satellite soil moisture products on the predictions of a continuous distributed hydrological modelArtikel Article 2016
10Dorigo, Wouter ; Lucieer, Arko ; Podobnikar, Tomaž ; Čarni, Andraž Mapping invasive Fallopia japonica by combined spectral, spatial, and temporal analysis of digital orthophotosArtikel Article2012
11de Jeu, Richard ; Dorigo, Wouter On the importance of satellite observed soil moistureArtikel Article2016
12Fallahi, Gholam ; Frank, Andrew U. ; Mesgari, Mohammad Saedi ; Rajabifard, Abbas An Ontological Structure for Semantic Interoperability of GIS and Environmental ModelingArtikel Article Sep-2008
13Piermattei, Livia ; Marty, Mauro ; Ginzler, Christian ; Pöchtrager, Markus ; Karel, Wilfried ; Ressl, Camillo ; Pfeifer, Norbert ; Hollaus, Markus Pléiades satellite images for deriving forest metrics in the Alpine regionArtikel Article 2019
14Iglseder-2023-International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoi...-vor.pdf.jpgIglseder, Anna ; Immitzer, Markus ; Dostálová, Alena ; Kasper, Andreas ; Pfeifer, Norbert ; Bauerhansl, Christoph ; Schöttl, Stefan ; Hollaus, Markus The potential of combining satellite and airborne remote sensing data for habitat classification and monitoring in forest landscapesArticle Artikel Mar-2023
15Ciabatta-2016-International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoin...-am.pdf.jpgCiabatta, Luca ; Brocca, Luca ; Massari, Christian ; Moramarco, Tommaso ; Gabellani, Simone ; Puca, Silvia ; Wagner, Wolfgang Rainfall-runoff modelling by using SM2RAIN-derived and state-of-the-art satellite rainfall products over ItalyArticle Artikel 1-Jun-2016
16Gruber, A. ; Su, C.-H. ; Zwieback, S. ; Crow, W. ; Dorigo, W. ; Wagner, W. Recent advances in (soil moisture) triple collocation analysisArtikel Article 2016
17Dorigo, Wouter ; de Jeu, Richard Satellite soil moisture for advancing our understanding of earth system processes and climate changeArtikel Article 2016
18Rezayan, H ; Delavar, M ; Frank, Andrew U. ; Mansouri, M. Spatial rules that generate urban patterns: Emergence of the power law in the distribution of axial line lengthArtikel Article2010
19Paulik, Christoph ; Dorigo, Wouter ; Wagner, Wolgang ; Kidd, Richard Validation of the ASCAT Soil Water Index using in situ datafrom the International Soil Moisture NetworkArtikel Article 2014