International Journal of Approximate Reasoning

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International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
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1Arieli, Ofer ; Zamansky, Anna A framework for reasoning under uncertainty based on non-deterministic distance semanticsArtikel Article2011
2Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Straccia, Umberto Description Logic Programs under Probabilistic Uncertainty and Fuzzy VaguenessArtikel Article2009
3Diller, Martin ; Haret, Adrian ; Linsbichler, Thomas ; Rümmele, Stefan ; Woltran, Stefan An extension-based approach to belief revision in abstract argumentationArtikel Article Feb-2018
4Ciabattoni, Agata ; Picado Muino, David ; Vetterlein, Thomas ; El Zekey, Moataz Formal approaches to rule-based systems in medicine: The case of CADIAG-2Artikel Article 24-Sep-2013
5Zhang, Xiaowang ; Xiao, Guohui ; Lin, Zuoquan ; Van den Bussche, Jan Inconsistency-tolerant reasoning with OWL DLArtikel Article2014
6Lukasiewicz, Thomas Logical approaches to imprecise probabilitiesArtikel ArticleSep-2008
7Picado Muino, David Measuring and repairing inconsistency in probabilistic knowledge basesArtikel Article2011
8Lukasiewicz, Thomas Nonmonotonic Probabilistic Logics under Variable-Strength Inheritance with Overriding: Complexity, Algorithms, and Implementation.Artikel Article2007
9Lukasiewicz, Thomas Probabilistic Description Logic ProgramsArtikel Article2007
10Lukasiewicz, Thomas Probabilistic Description Logic Programs under Inheritance with Overriding for the Semantic WebArtikel Article2008
11Cano, Andres ; Cozman, Fabio G. ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas Reasoning with imprecise probabilitiesArtikel ArticleMar-2007