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International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science
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1ÉSIK, ZOLTÁN ; KUICH, WERNER Boolean fuzzy setsArtikel Article2007
2Freund, Rudolf ; Oswald, Marion CD Grammar Systems with Regular Start ConditionsArtikel Article2008
3Alhazov, Artiom ; Freund, Rudolf ; Oswald, Marion Cell/symbol complexity of tissue P systems with symport/antiport rulesArtikel Article2006
4Freund, Rudolf ; Oswald, Marion ; Ionescu, Mihai Extended Spiking Neural P Systems with Decaying Spikes and/or Total SpikingArtikel Article2008
5Fernau, Henning ; Freund, Rudolf ; Holzer, Markus The Finite Index Restriction Meets Hybrid Modes in Cooperating Distributed Grammar SystemsArtikel Article 2015
6Freund, Rudolf ; Oswald, Marion ; Paun, Andrei Optimal Results for the Computational Completeness of Gemmating (Tissue) P SystemsArtikel Article2005
7Freund, Rudolf P Systems Working in the Sequential Mode on Arrays and StringsArtikel Article2005
8Freund, Rudolf ; Oswald, Marion Partial Halting in P SystemsArtikel Article2007
9Freund, Rudolf ; Gheorghe, Marian PrefaceArtikel Article2011
10Freund, Rudolf ; Gheorghe, Marian ; Marcus, Solomon ; Mitrana, Victor ; Pérez-Jiménez, Mario Special Issue Natural Computing: Theory and Applications - PrefaceArtikel Article2011
11Alhazov, Artiom ; Freund, Rudolf ; Ivanov, Sergiu ; Verlan, Sergey Tissue P Systems with Vesicles of MultisetsArticle Artikel 2022
12Freund, Rudolf ; Rogojin, Vladimir ; Verlan, Sergey Variants of Networks of Evolutionary Processors with Polarizations and a Small Number of ProcessorsArtikel Article 2019