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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
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1Kraussler, Michael ; Binder, Matthias ; Hofbauer, Hermann 2250-h long term operation of a water gas shift pilot plant processing tar-rich product gas from an industrial scale dual fluidized bed biomass steam gasification plantArtikel Article 2016
2Kancsár, János ; Striednig, Michael ; Aldrian, David ; Trattner, Alexander ; Klell, Manfred ; Kügele, Christoph ; Jakubek, Stefan A novel approach for dynamic gas conditioning for PEMFC stack testingArtikel Article 2017
3Mansoor, Muhammad ; Stadler, Michael ; Auer, Hans ; Zellinger, Michael Advanced optimal planning for microgrid technologies including hydrogen and mobility at a real microgrid testbedArtikel Article 2021
4Hoeflinger, Johannes ; Hofmann, Peter Air mass flow and pressure optimisation of a PEM fuel cell range extender systemArtikel Article 2020
5Martinez Porqueras, Ester ; Rittmann, Simon Karl-Maria Rasso ; Herwig, Christoph Analysis of H₂ to CO₂ yield and physiological key parameters of Enterobacter aerogenes and Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticusArtikel Article 21-Aug-2013
6Weinrotter, M. ; Kopecek, H. ; Wintner, Ernst ; Lackner, Maximilian ; Winter, Franz Application of laser ignition to hydrogen-air mixtures at high pressuresArtikel Article2005
7Srivastava, Dhananjay Kumar ; Weinrotter, Martin ; Iskra, Kurt ; Agarwal, Avinash Kumar ; Wintner, Ernst Characterisation of laser ignition in hydrogen-air mixtures in a combustion bombArtikel Article2009
8Böhler, Lukas ; Ritzberger, Daniel ; Hametner, Christoph ; Jakubek, Stefan Constrained extended Kalman filter design and application for on-line state estimation of highorder polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell systemsArtikel Article 2021
9Ferrara-2023-International Journal of Hydrogen Energy-vor.pdf.jpgFerrara, Alessandro ; Jakubek, Stefan ; Hametner, Christoph Cost-optimal design and energy management of fuel cell electric trucksArticle Artikel Jan-2023
10Ritzberger, Daniel ; Höflinger, Johannes ; Du, Zhang Peng ; Hametner, Christoph ; Jakubek, Stefan Data-Driven Parameterization of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Models via Simultaneous Local Linear Structured State Space IdentificationArtikel Article 2021
11Kronberger, Hermann ; Fabjan, Christoph ; Frithum, Gerhard Development of high performance cathodes for hydrogen production from alkaline solutionsArtikel Article1991
12Martinez Porqueras, Ester ; Wechselberger, Patrick ; Herwig, Christoph Effect of medium composition on biohydrogen production by the extreme thermophilic bacterium Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticusArtikel Article 1-Aug-2013
13Mariakakis, I. ; Bischoff, P. ; Krampe, J. ; Meyer, C. ; Steinmetz, H. Effect of organic loading rate and solids retention time on microbial population during bio-hydrogen production by dark fermentation in large lab-scaleArtikel Article 2011
14Mosallaei, Hamta ; Hadadzadeh, Hassan ; Ensafi, Ali A. ; Mousaabadi, Kimia Zarean ; Weil, Matthias ; Foelske, Annette ; Sauer, Markus Evaluation of HER and OER electrocatalytic activity over RuO₂–Fe₂O₃ nanocomposite deposited on HrGO nanosheetsArticle Artikel 2022
15Sadooghi, Parham ; Rauch, Reinhard Experimental and modeling study of hydrogen production from catalytic steam reforming of methane mixture with hydrogen sulfideArtikel Article 2015
16Müller, S. ; Fuchs, J. ; Schmid, J.C. ; Benedikt, F. ; Hofbauer, H. Experimental development of sorption enhanced reforming by the use of an advanced gasification test plantArtikel Article 2017
17Kancsár, János ; Kozek, Martin ; Jakubek, Stefan Flatness-based feedforward control of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell gas conditioning systemArtikel Article 2016
18Auinger-2023-International Journal of Hydrogen Energy-vor.pdf.jpgAuinger, Michael ; Büchler, Markus ; Schöneich, Hanns-Georg ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian ; Danninger, Herbert Hydrogen accumulation and diffusion in cylindrical-shaped pipeline steels with coating defectsArticle Artikel 30-Oct-2023
19Martínez, Ana ; Pröll, Tobias ; Romeo, Luis M. Lime enhanced biomass gasification. Energy penalty reduction by solids preheating in the calcinerArtikel Article2012
20Kravos, Andraž ; Ritzberger, Daniel ; Hametner, Christoph ; Jakubek, Stefan ; Katrašnik, Tomaž Methodology for efficient parametrisation of electrochemical PEMFC model for virtual observers: Model based optimal design of experiments supported by parameter sensitivity analysisArtikel Article 2020