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1Hofko, Bernhard ; Kugler, Hannes ; Chankov, Georgi ; Spielhofer, Roland A laboratory procedure for predicting skid and polishing resistance of road surfacesArtikel Article 2017
2Donev, Valentin ; Hoffmann, Markus ; Blab, Ronald Benefit maximisation based on aggregated condition indices: drawbacks for selection of pavement treatmentsArtikel Article 2020
3Hu, Yongping ; Allanson, Max ; Sreeram, Anand ; Ryan, Jack ; Wang, Haopeng ; Zhou, Lu ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Airey, Gordon Characterisation of bitumen through multiple ageing-rejuvenation cyclesArticle Artikel 2024
4Bayraktarova, Kristina ; Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Zhou, David ; Blab, Ronald Characterisation of the climatic temperature variations in the design of rigid pavementsArtikel Article 2021
5Eskandarsefat, Shahin ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Sangiorgi, Cesare A comparison study on low-temperature properties of Stone Mastic Asphalts modified with PmBs or modified fibresArtikel Article Oct-2020
6Donev Valentin - 2017 - Condition prediction and estimation of service life in...pdf.jpgDonev, Valentin ; Hoffmann, Markus Condition prediction and estimation of service life in the presence of data censoring and dependent competing risksArticle Artikel 2019
7Daneshvar, Dana ; Behnood, Ali Estimation of the dynamic modulus of asphalt concretes using random forests algorithmArticle Artikel 23-Mar-2020
8Füssl, J. ; Kluger-Eigl, W. ; Blab, R. Experimental Identification and Mechanical Interpretation of the Interaction Behavior between Concrete Paving BlocksArtikel Article 2016
9Hofko, Bernhard ; Blab, Ronald ; Alisov, Alexander Influence of compaction direction on performance characteristics of roller-compacted HMA specimensArtikel Article2014
10Hoffmann, Markus ; Donev, Valentin Introduction of a new continuous time and state space stochastic process in condition predictionArtikel Article 2018
11Wistuba, Michael ; Lackner, Roman ; Blab, Ronald ; Spiegl, Markus Low-temperature performance of asphalt mixtures used for long-life pavements - new approach based on fundamental test methods and numerical modelingArtikel Article2006
12Díaz Flores, Rodrigo ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Blab, Ronald ; Buchta, Martin ; Pichler, Bernhard L. A. Multi-directional Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) testing and quantification of the effective modulus of subgrade reaction for concrete roadsArtikel Article 2021
13Füssl, Josef ; Hengl, Herwig ; Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Kluger-Eigl, Wolfgang ; Blab, Ronald Numerical Simulation Tool for Paving Block Structures Assessed by Means of Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement TestsArtikel Article 2016
14Donev, Valentin ; Hoffmann, Markus Optimisation of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation activities, timing and work zones for short survey sections and multiple distress typesArtikel Article 2020
15Schmid-2022-International Journal of Pavement Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgSchmid, Sophie J. ; Díaz Flores, Rodrigo ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Wang, Hui ; Blab, Ronald ; Pichler, Bernhard L. A. Significance of Eigenstresses and Curling Stresses for Total Thermal Stresses in a Concrete Slab, as a Function of Subgrade StiffnessArticle Artikel 2022
16Diaz Flores, Rodrigo ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Blab, Ronald ; Buchta, Martin ; Pichler, Bernhard L. A. T-shaped arrangement of geophones for rapid quantification of asymmetric behaviour of concrete slabs in central FWD testsArticle Artikel 2023
17Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Füssl, Josef ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Handle, Florian ; Hospodka, Markus ; Blab, Ronald ; Grothe, Hinrich Towards a microstructural model of bitumen aging behaviorArtikel Article 2015
18Steiner, Daniel ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Hospodka, Markus ; Handle, Florian ; Grothe, Hinrich ; Füssl, Josef ; Eberhardsteiner, Lukas ; Blab, Ronald Towards an optimised lab procedure for long-term oxidative ageing of asphalt mix specimenArtikel Article 2016