International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer

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International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer
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1Schreiner, Dietmar ; Barany, Gergö ; Schordan, Markus ; Knoop, Jens Comparison of type-based and alias-based component recognition for embedded systems softwareArtikel Article 2013
2Bartocci-2021-International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Tran...-vor.pdf.jpgBartocci, Ezio ; Manjunath, Niveditha ; Mariani, Leonardo ; Mateis, Cristinel ; Ničković, Dejan CPSDebug: Automatic Failure Explanation in CPS ModelsArtikel Article Oct-2021
3Bauer, Andreas ; Leucker, Martin ; Schallhart, Christian ; Tautschnig, Michael Don't care in SMT---Building flexible yet efficient abstraction/refinement solversArtikel Article 2010
4Metzler, Patrick ; Suri, Neeraj ; Weissenbacher, Georg Extracting safe thread schedules from incomplete model checking resultsArtikel Article 2020
5Bartocci Ezio - 2017 - First international Competition on Runtime Verification...pdf.jpgBartocci, Ezio ; Falcone, Yliès ; Bonakdarpour, Borzoo ; Colombo, Christian ; Decker, Normann ; Havelund, Klaus ; Joshi, Yogi ; Klaedtke, Felix ; Milewicz, Reed ; Reger, Giles ; Rosu, Grigore ; Signoles, Julien ; Thoma, Daniel ; Zalinescu, Eugen ; Zhang, Yi First international Competition on Runtime Verification: rules, benchmarks, tools, and final results of CRV 2014Article Artikel 2019
6Kaufmann-2023-International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Tran...-vor.pdf.jpgKaufmann, Daniela ; Biere, Armin Improving AMulet2 for verifying multiplier circuits using SAT solving and computer algebraArticle Artikel Apr-2023
7Nenzi, Laura ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Bortolussi, Luca ; Silvetti, Simone ; Loreti, Michele MoonLight: a lightweight tool for monitoring spatio-temporal propertiesArticle Artikel 1-Aug-2023
8Gurung, Amit ; Ray, Rajarshi ; Bartocci, Ezio ; Bogomolov, Sergiy ; Grosu, Radu Parallel reachability analysis of hybrid systems in XSpeedArtikel Article 2019
9Lisper, Björn ; Ermedahl, Andreas ; Schreiner, Dietmar ; Knoop, Jens ; Gliwa, Peter Practical Experiences of Applying Source-level WCET Flow Analysis to Industrial CodeArtikel Article 2013
10Bartocci Ezio - 2016 - Preface of the special issue on Model Checking of...pdf.jpgBartocci, Ezio ; Ramakrishnan, C.R. Preface of the special issue on Model Checking of Software : Selected papers of the 20th International SPIN Symposium on Model Checking of SoftwareArticle Artikel Aug-2016
11Huang, Xiaowan ; Seyster, Justin ; Callanan, Sean ; Dixit, Ketan ; Grosu, Radu ; Smolka, Scott A. ; Stoller, Scott D. ; Zadok, Erez Software monitoring with controllable overheadArtikel Article 2012
12Stoilkovska, Ilina ; Konnov, Igor ; Widder, Josef ; Zuleger, Florian Verifying safety of synchronous fault-tolerant algorithms by bounded model checkingArticle Artikel Feb-2022
13Tschapeller, Wolfgang ; Bühlmann, Vera Where are the foundations of a hanging structure?Artikel Article 2020