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ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
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1Huang, Chang ; Nguyen, Ba Duy ; Zhang, Shiqiang ; Cao, Senmao ; Wagner, Wolfgang A Comparison of Terrain Indices toward Their Ability in Assisting Surface Water Mapping from Sentinel-1 DataArtikel Article2017
2Klettner, Silvia Affective Communication of Map Symbols: A Semantic Differential AnalysisArtikel Article2020
3Navratil, Gerhard Applications of GIScience for Land AdministrationArtikel Article2020
4Wimmer, Michael ; Pfeifer, Norbert ; Hollaus, Markus Automatic Detection of Potential Dam Locations in Digital Terrain ModelsArtikel Article2019
5Huang, Haosheng ; Gartner, Georg Current Trends and Challenges in Location-Based ServicesArtikel Article2018
6Klettner, Silvia Form Follows Content: An Empirical Study on Symbol-Content (In)Congruences in Thematic MapsArtikel Article2020
7Otepka Johannes - 2013 - Georeferenced point clouds a survey of features and...pdf.jpgOtepka, Johannes ; Ghuffar, Sajid ; Waldhauser, Christoph ; Hochreiter, Ronald ; Pfeifer, Norbert Georeferenced point clouds: a survey of features and point cloud managementArticle Artikel Dec-2013
8Eleni Yeshaneh - 2013 - Identifying land usecover dynamics in the Koga catchment...pdf.jpgYeshaneh, Eleni ; Wagner, Wolfgang ; Exner-Kittridge, Michael ; Legesse, Dagnachew ; Blöschl, Günter Identifying land use/cover dynamics in the Koga catchment, Ethiopia, from multi-scale data, and implications for environmental changeArticle Artikel Jun-2013
9Weber, Valentin ; Navratil, Gerhard ; Blauensteiner, Franz Managing Inhomogeneity in the Control Point Network during Staking Out Cadastral Boundaries in AustriaArtikel Article 2022
10Mandlburger, Gottfried ; Jutzi, Boris On the Feasibility of Water Surface Mapping with Single Photon LiDARArtikel Article2019
11Milenković, Milutin ; Ressl, Camillo ; Karel, Wilfried ; Mandlburger, Gottfried ; Pfeifer, Norbert Roughness Spectra Derived from Multi-Scale LiDAR Point Clouds of a Gravel Surface: A Comparison and Sensitivity AnalysisArtikel Article2018
12Gartner, Georg ; Huang, Haosheng Special Issue "Location Based Services"Artikel Article2017
13Gotlib, Dariusz ; Olszewski, Robert ; Gartner, Georg The Extended Concept of the Map in View of Modern Geoinformation ProductsArtikel Article2021
14Fellner, Irene ; Huang, Haosheng ; Gartner, Georg "Turn Left after the WC, and Use the Lift to Go to the 2nd Floor"-Generation of Landmark-Based Route Instructions for Indoor NavigationArtikel Article2017
15Klettner, Silvia Why Shape Matters-On the Inherent Qualities of Geometric Shapes for Cartographic RepresentationsArtikel Article2019
16Klettner-2019-ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information-vor.pdf.jpgKlettner, Silvia Why Shape Matters—On the Inherent Qualities of Geometric Shapes for Cartographic RepresentationsArticle Artikel 8-May-2019