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Journal of Applied Physics
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1Li, Fuquan ; Giouroudi, Ioanna ; Kosel, Jürgen A biodetection method using magnetic particles and micro trapsArtikel Article2012
2Mohammad Tabatabaei, Seyed ; Noei, Maziar ; Khaliji, Kaveh ; Pourfath, Mahdi ; Fathipour, Morteza A First-Principles Study on the Effect of Biaxial Strain on the Ultimate Performance of Monolayer MoS2-Based Double Gate Field Effect TransistorArtikel Article2013
3Eckhardt, C. ; Madl, M. ; Brezna, W. ; Smoliner, J. A quantitative analysis of photocurrent signals measured on GaAs using conductive atomic force microscopyArtikel Article2011
4Gupta, Raveena ; Kaur, Baljinder ; Carrete, Jesús ; Bera, Chandan A theoretical model of the thermoelectric properties of SnSxSe1−x and how to further enhance its thermoelectric performanceArtikel Article 2019
5Beigelbeck, Roman ; Schneider, Michael ; Schalko, Johannes ; Bittner, Achim ; Schmid, Ulrich A two-step load-deflection procedure applicable to extract the Young's modulus and the residual tensile stress of circularly shaped thin-film diaphragmsArtikel Article 2014
6Galasso, G. ; Kaltenbacher, M. ; Tomaselli, A. ; Scarpa, D. A unified model to determine the energy partitioning between target and plasma in nanosecond laser ablation of siliconArtikel Article 2015
7Riedl, H. ; Zálešák, J. ; Arndt, M. ; Polcik, P. ; Holec, D. ; Mayrhofer, P. H. Ab initio studies on the adsorption and implantation of Al and Fe to nitride materialsArtikel Article2015
8Lin, Fen ; Xiang, N. ; Irshad, Afshan ; Roither, Stefan ; Pugzlys, Audrius ; Baltuska, Andrius ; Chen, P. Absorption recovery time reduction in InFaN/GaN quantum well saturable absorbersArtikel Article2008
9Holec, David ; Zhou, Liangcai ; Rachbauer, Richard ; Mayrhofer, Paul H. Alloying-related trends from first principles: An application to the Ti-Al-X-N systemArtikel Article 2013
10Gryaznov, D. ; Fleig, J. ; Maier, J. An improved procedure for determining grain boundary diffusion coefficients from averaged concentration profilesArtikel Article2008
11Gooneratne, Chinthaka P. ; Liang, Cai ; Giouroudi, Ioanna ; Kosel, Jürgen An integrated micro-chip for rapid detection of magnetic particlesArtikel Article2012
12Chien, Miao-Hsuan ; Shawrav, Mostafa M. ; Hingerl, Kurt ; Taus, Philipp ; Schinnerl, Markus ; Wanzenboeck, Heinz D. ; Schmid, Silvan Analysis of carbon content in direct-write plasmonic Au structures by nanomechanical scanning absorption microscopyArtikel Article 2021
13Kuzmik, J. ; Pozzovivo, G. ; Ostermaier, C. ; Strasser, G. ; Pogany, D. ; Gornik, E. ; Carlin, J.-F. ; Gonschorek, M. ; Feltin, E. ; Grandjean, N. Analysis of degradation mechanisms in lattice-matched InAlN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistorsArtikel Article2009
14Li, Ling ; Meller, Gregor ; Kosina, Hans Analytical Conductivity Model for Doped Organic SemiconductorsArtikel Article2007
15Moradinasab, Mahdi ; Nematian, Hamed ; Pourfath, Mahdi ; Fathipour, Morteza ; Kosina, Hans Analytical Models of Approximations for Wave Functions and Energy Dispersion in Zigzag Graphene NanoribbonsArtikel Article2012
16Dittrich, Rok ; Hu, G. ; Schrefl, Thomas ; Thomson, T. ; Süss, Dieter ; Terris, B. D. ; Fidler, Josef Angular dependence of the switching field in patterned magnetic elementsArtikel Article2005
17Karamitaheri, Hossein ; Neophytou, Neophytos ; Kosina, Hans Anomalous Diameter Dependence of Thermal Transport in Ultra-Narrow Si NanowiresArtikel Article2014
18Vogler, Christoph ; Abert, Claas ; Bruckner, Florian ; Suess, Dieter ; Praetorius, Dirk Areal density optimization for heat-assisted magnetic recording on high-density mediaArtikel Article 2016
19Husstedt, Hendrik ; Ausserlechner, Udo ; Kaltenbacher, Manfred Array of 12 Coils to Measure the Position, Alignment, and Sensitivity of Magnetic Sensors over TemperatureArtikel Article2012
20Detz, H. ; Strasser, G. Atomistic modeling of bond lengths in random and ordered III-V alloysArtikel Article2013