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1Müllner, Herbert W. ; Ernst, Gerald ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef Back-calculation of the Die Swell Phenomenon of Rubber Compounds by Means of Torsional RheometryArtikel Article2008
2Joseph, Aju ; Koch, T. ; Seidler, S. ; Thomas, S. ; Joseph, K. Crystallization behaviour and spherulite growth rate of isotactic polypropylene in isotactic polypropylene/natural rubber based thermoplastic elastomersArtikel Article2008
3Archodoulaki, V.-M. ; Lüftl, S. ; Seidler, S. Degradation Behavior of Polyoxymethylene: Influence of Different Stabilizer PackagesArtikel Article2007
4Knausz, Marlene ; Oreski, Gernot ; Eder, Gabriele ; Voronko, Yuliya ; Duscher, Bernadette ; Koch, Thomas ; Pinter, Gerald ; Berger, Karl Degradation of photovoltaic backsheets: Comparison of the aging induced changes on module and component levelArtikel Article 2015
5Konnerth, Johannes ; Jäger, Andreas ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Müller, Ulrich ; Gindl, Wolfgang Elastic Properties of Adhesive Polymers. II: Polymer Films and Bond Lines by Means of NanoindentationArtikel Article2006
6Rybnicek, Jan ; Lach, Ralf ; Lapcikova, Monika ; Steidl, Josef ; Krulis, Zdenek ; Grellmann, Wolfgang ; Slouf, Miroslav Increasing Recyclability of PC, ABS and PMMA: Morphology and Fracture Behavior of Binary and Ternary BlendsArtikel Article2008
7Archodoulaki, V.-M. ; Koch, Thomas ; Rodriguez, Alexandra ; Seidler, Sabine Influence of different sterilization procedures on the morphological parameters and mechanical properties of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethyleneArtikel Article2011
8Kotter, I. ; Grellmann, W. ; Koch, Thomas ; Seidler, Sabine Morphology-Toughness Correlation of Polypropylene/Ethylene-Propylene Rubber BlendsArtikel Article2006
9Qu, M. ; Lou, Y. ; Han, D. ; Gewily, A.A. ; Robisson, Agathe On the inhomogeneous hydration kinetics and stiffness evolution of HNBR-MgO reactive elastomer compositesArtikel Article 2016
10Stanic, Sascha ; Koch, Thomas ; Schmid, Klaus ; Knaus, Simone ; Archodoulaki, Vasiliki‐Maria Upcycling of polypropylene with various concentrations of peroxydicarbonate and dilauroyl peroxide and two processing stepsArtikel Article 2021
11Liska, Robert ; Schwager, Florian ; Cano Vives, R. ; Maier, Christine ; Stampfl, Jürgen Water-soluble photopolymers for rapid prototyping of cellular materialsArtikel Article2005