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Journal of Automated Reasoning
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1Sinn Moritz - 2017 - Complexity and Resource Bound Analysis of Imperative...pdf.jpgSinn, Moritz ; Zuleger, Florian ; Veith, Helmut Complexity and Resource Bound Analysis of Imperative Programs Using Difference ConstraintsArticle Artikel 2017
2Ortiz, Magdalena ; Calvanese, Diego ; Eiter, Thomas Data complexity of query answering in expressive Description Logics via tableauxArtikel Article2008
3Leitsch, Alexander ; Lolic, Anela Extraction of Expansion TreesArtikel Article 2018
4Lolic, Anela ; Leitsch, Alexander Extraction of Expansion TreesArtikel Article 2019
5Baaz, Matthias ; Lahav, Ori ; Zamansky, Anna Finite-valued Semantics for Canonical Labelled CalculiArtikel Article 15-Mar-2013
6Schlaipfer, Matthias ; Weissenbacher, Georg Labelled Interpolation Systems for Hyper-Resolution, Clausal, and Local ProofsArtikel Article 2016
7Peitl, Tomáš ; Slivovsky, Friedrich ; Szeider, Stefan Long-Distance Q-Resolution with Dependency SchemesArtikel Article 2019
8Ebner Gabriel - 2018 - On the Generation of Quantified Lemmas.pdf.jpgEbner, Gabriel ; Hetzl, Stefan ; Leitsch, Alexander ; Reis, Giselle ; Weller, Daniel On the Generation of Quantified LemmasArticle Artikel 2019
9Alama, Jesse ; Heskes, Tom ; Kühlwein, Daniel ; Tsivtsivadze, Evgeni ; Urban, Josef Premise selection for mathematics by corpus analysis and kernel methodsArtikel Article2014
10Slivovsky, Friedrich ; Szeider, Stefan Quantifier Reordering for QBFArtikel Article2015
11Beyersdorff, Olaf ; Blinkhorn, Joshua ; Chew, Leroy ; Schmidt, Renate ; Suda, Martin Reinterpreting Dependency Schemes: Soundness Meets Incompleteness in DQBFArtikel Article 2018
12Cerna-2021-Journal of Automated Reasoning-vor.pdf.jpgCerna, David M. ; Leitsch, Alexander ; Lolic, Anela Schematic Refutations of Formula SchemataArtikel Article Jun-2021
13Salzer, Gernot ; Limet, Sebastian Tree Tuple Languages from the Logic Programming Point of ViewArtikel Article2006