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Journal of Biomechanics
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1Schuller-Götzburg, P ; Krenkel, Ch ; Reiter, T.J ; Plenk, H 2D-Finite Element Analyses and Histomorphology of Lag Screws with and without a Biconcave WasherArtikel Article1999
2Pahr, Dieter H. ; Zysset, Philippe K. A Comparison of Enhanced Continuum FE with Micro FE Models of Human Vertebral BodiesArtikel Article 2009
3Dall'Ara, E. ; Schmidt, R. ; Pahr, D. ; Varga, P. ; Chevalier, Y. ; Patsch, J. ; Kainberger, F. ; Zysset, P. A Nonlinear Finite Element Model Validation Study Based on a Novel Experimental Technique for Inducing Anterior Wedge-Shape Fractures in Human Vertebral BodiesArtikel Article 2010
4Babu Rajendra Kurup, Nithin ; Puchinger, Markus ; Gfoehler, Margit A preliminary muscle activity analysis: Handle based and push-rim wheelchair propulsion.Artikel Article 2019
5Groesel, Martin ; Gfoehler, Margit ; Peham, Christian Alternative solution of virtual biomodeling based on CT-scans.Artikel Article2009
6Berger, Laurenz ; Pahr, Dieter H. ; Synek, Alexander Articular contact vs. embedding: Effect of simplified boundary conditions on the stress distribution in the distal radius and volar plate implant loadingArticle Artikel Oct-2022
7Rapillard, Laurent ; Charlebois, Mathieu ; Zysset, Philippe K. Compressive Fatigue Behavior of Human Vertebral Trabecular BoneArtikel Article 2006
8Hametner, Bernhard ; Schneider, Magdalena ; Parragh, Stephanie ; Wassertheurer, Siegfried Computational assessment of model-based wave separation using a database of virtual subjectsArtikel Article 2017
9Dejaco, Alexander ; Komlev, Vladimir S. ; Jaroszewicz, Jakub ; Swieszkowski, Wojciech ; Hellmich, Christian CT-Based Multiscale Elasticity of Hydroxyapatite Granules for Regenerative MedicineArtikel Article2012
10Wolfram, Uwe ; Wilke, Hans-Joachim ; Zysset, Philippe K. Damage Accumulation in Vertebral Trabecular Bone Depens on Loading Mode and DirectionArtikel Article 2011
191Brynk, Tomasz ; Hellmich, Christian ; Fritsch, Andreas ; Zysset, Philippe ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef Experimental Poromechanics of Trabecular Bone Strength: Role of Terzaghi's Effective Stress and of Tissue Level Stress FluctuationsArtikel Article 2011
192Varga, Peter ; Schefzig, Philip ; Unger, Ewald ; Mayr, Winfried ; Zysset, Philippe K. ; Erhart, Jochen Finite Element Based Estimation of Contact Areas and Pressures of the Human Scaphoid in Various Functional Positions of the HandArtikel Article 2013
193Colloca, Michele ; van Rietbergen, Bert ; Blanchard, Romane ; Hellmich, Christian ; Ito, Keita From Cell Level to Organ Level: A Multiscale Approach for Bone Remodeling SimulationArtikel Article2012
194Latypova, Adeliya ; Maquer, Ghislain ; Elankumaran, Kaliyaperumal ; Pahr, Dieter ; Zysset, Philippe K. ; Pioletti, Dominique P. ; Terrier, Alexandre Identification of Elastic Properties of Human Patellae Using Micro-Finite Element AnalysisArtikel Article 2016
195Blanchard, Romane ; Dejaco, Alexander ; Bongaers, Evi ; Hellmich, Christian Intravoxel Bone Micromechanics for microCT-Based Finite Element SimulationsArtikel Article2013
196Kober, Cornelia ; Kjeller, Göran ; Hellmich, Christian ; Sader, Robert Alexander ; Berg, Britt-Isabelle Mandibular Biomechanics After Marginal Resection: Correspondences of Simulated Volumetric Strain and Skeletal ResorptionArtikel Article 2019
197Kersh, Mariana E. ; Zysset, Philippe K. ; Pahr, Dieter H. ; Wolfram, Uwe ; Larsson, David ; Pandy, Marcus G. Measurement of Structrual Anisotropy in Femoral Trabecular Bone Using Clinical-Resolution CT ImagesArtikel Article 2013
198Dejaco, Alexander ; Komlev, Vladimir S. ; Jaroszewicz, Jakub ; Swieszkowski, Wojciech ; Hellmich, Christian Micro CT-based Multiscale Elasticity of Double-Porous (Pre-cracked) Hydroxyapatite Granules for Regenerative MedicineArtikel Article 5-Apr-2012
199Frank, Martin ; Fischer, Julia-Theresa ; Thurner, Philipp J. Microdamage formation in individual bovine trabeculae during fatigue testingArtikel Article 2021
200Blanchard, Romane ; Dejaco, Alexander ; Bongaers, Evi ; Hellmich, Christian Multiscale Micromechanics-Based Elasticity from Micro-CT Scan of Mouse FemurArtikel Article2012