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Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
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1Tung, Michael M. ; Weinmüller, Ewa B. Acoustic Metamaterial Models on the (2+1)D Schwarzschild PlaneArtikel Article2019
2Abbaszadeh, Mostafa ; Dehghan, Mehdi ; Khodadadian, Amirreza ; Heitzinger, Clemens Analysis and application of the interpolating element free Galerkin (IEFG) method to simulate the prevention of groundwater contamination with application in fluid flowArtikel Article2020
3Gerstenmayer, Anita ; Jüngel, Ansgar Comparison of a finite-element and finite-volume scheme for a degenerate cross-diffusion system for ion transportArtikel Article2019
4Lackner, C. ; Meng, S. ; Monk, P. Determination of electromagnetic Bloch variety in a medium with frequency-dependent coefficientsArtikel Article2019
5Li, Zijia ; Scharler, Daniel F. ; Schröcker, Hans-Peter Factorization results for left polynomials in some associative real algebras: State of the art, applications, and open questionsArtikel Article2018
6Hanke, Michael ; März, Roswitha ; Tischendorf, Caren ; Weinmüller, Ewa ; Wurm, Stefan Least-Squares Collocation for Higher-Index Differential-Algebraic EquationsArtikel Article2017
7Eibner, Tino ; Melenk, Jens Markus p-FEM quadrature error analysis on tetrahedraArtikel Article 2007
8Quell, Michael ; Diamantopoulos, Georgios ; Hössinger, Andreas ; Weinbub, Josef Shared-Memory Block-Based Fast Marching Method for Hierarchical MeshesArtikel Article2021
9Auzinger, Winfried ; Hofstätter, Harald ; Koch, Othmar Symmetrized local error estimators for time-reversible one-step methods in nonlinear evolution equationsArtikel Article2019
10Körner, Jannis ; Arnold, Anton ; Döpfner, Kirian WKB-based scheme with adaptive step size control for the Schr ̈odinger equation in the highly oscillatory regimeArtikel Article 2022