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1Brinkman, D. ; Heitzinger, C. ; Markowich, P.A. A convergent 2D finite-difference scheme for the Dirac-Poisson system with magnetic potential and the simulation of grapheneArtikel Article2014
2Boledi, Leonardo ; Terschanski, Benjamin ; Elgeti, Stefanie ; Kowalski, Julia A level-set based space-time finite element approach to the modelling of solidification and melting processesArtikel Article 2022
3Kaltenbacher, Barbara ; Kaltenbacher, Manfred ; Sim, Imbo A modied and stable version of a perfectly matched layer technique for the 3-d second order wave equation in time domain with an application to aeroacousticsArtikel Article2013
4Abbaszadeh, Mostafa ; Dehghan, Mehdi ; Khodadadian, Amirreza ; Noii, Nima ; Heitzinger, Clemens ; Wick, Thomas A reduced-order variational multiscale interpolating element free Galerkin technique based on proper orthogonal decomposition for solving {Navier-Stokes} equations coupled with a heat transfer equation: nonstationary incompressible Boussinesq equationsArtikel Article 2020
5Balan, Aravind ; May, Georg ; Schöberl, Joachim A Stable High-Order Spectral Difference Method for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws in Triangular ElementsArtikel Article2012
6Exl, Lukas ; Mauser, Norbert J. ; Zhang, Yong Accurate and efficient computation of nonlocal potentials based on Gaussian-sum approximationArtikel Article 2016
7Albensoeder, Stefan ; Kuhlmann, Hendrik Accurate three-dimensional lid-driven cavityArtikel Article2005
8Mitscha-Baude, Gregor ; Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Andreas ; Tulzer, Gerhard ; Heitzinger, Clemens Adaptive and iterative methods for simulations of nanopores with the PNP–Stokes equationsArtikel Article Jun-2017
9Betcke, Timo ; Haberl, Alexander ; Praetorius, Dirk Adaptive boundary element methods for the computation of the electrostatic capacity on complex polyhedraArtikel Article 2019
10Bian, Lei ; Pang, Gang ; Tang, Shaoqiang ; Arnold, Anton ALmost EXact boundary conditions for transient Schrödinger-Poisson systemArtikel Article 2016
11Stadlbauer, Benjamin ; Cossettini, Andrea ; Morales Escalant, Jose Alberto ; Scarbolo, Paolo ; Taghizadeh, Leila ; Heitzinger, Clemens ; Selmi, Luca Bayesian estimation of physical and geometrical parameters for nanocapacitor array biosensorsArtikel Article 2019
12Soligo, Giovanni ; Roccon, Alessio ; Soldati, Alfredo Coalescence of surfactant-laden drops by Phase Field MethodArtikel Article 2019
13Hammer René ; Pötz, Walter ; Arnold, Anton Corrigendum to “Single-cone real-space finite difference scheme for the time-dependent Dirac equation” [J. Comput. Phys. 265 (2014) 50–70]Article Artikel15-May-2022
14Hammer, René ; Pötz, Walter ; Arnold, Anton A dispersion and norm preserving finite difference scheme with transparent boundary conditions for the Dirac equation in (1 + 1)DArtikel Article 1-Jan-2014
15Moller, Frederik Skovbo ; Besse, N. ; Mazets, Igor ; Stimming, H.P. ; Mauser, N.J. The dissipative Generalized Hydrodynamic equations and their numerical solutionArticle Artikel 15-Nov-2023
16Exl, Lukas ; Auzinger, Winfried ; Bance, Simon ; Gusenbauer, Markus ; Reichel, Franz ; Schrefl, Thomas Fast stray field computation on tensor gridsArtikel Article 2012
17Lederer, Philip L. ; Mooslechner, Xaver ; Schöberl, Joachim High-order projection-based upwind method for implicit large eddy simulationArticle Artikel 15-Nov-2023
18Blaha, Peter ; Hofstätter, H ; Koch, Othmar ; Laskowski, Robert ; Schwarz, Karlheinz Iterative diagonalization in augmented plane wave based methods in electronic structure calculationsArtikel Article 2010
19Kraus, Johannes ; Pfeiler, Carl-Martin ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Ruggeri, Michele ; Stiftner, Bernhard Iterative solution and preconditioning for the tangent plane scheme in computational micromagneticsArtikel Article 2019
20Rupp, Karl ; Jüngel, Ansgar ; Grasser, Tibor Matrix Compression for Spherical Harmonics Expansions of the Boltzmann Transport Equation for SemiconductorsArtikel Article2010