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1Gutin, Gregory ; Kim, Eun Jung ; Szeider, Stefan ; Yeo, Anders A Probabilistic Approach to Problems Parameterized Above or Below Tight BoundsArtikel Article2011
2Kotek, T. ; Makowsky, J.A. A representation theorem for (q-)holonomic sequencesArtikel Article2014
3Eiben, Eduard ; Ganian, Robert ; Kwon, O-joung A single-exponential fixed-parameter algorithm for distance-hereditary vertex deletionArtikel Article 2018
4Gaspers, Serge ; Sorkin, Gregory B. A universally fastest algorithm for Max 2-Sat, Max 2-CSP, and everything in betweenArtikel Article2012
5Gaspers, Serge ; Misra, Neeldhara ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Szeider, Stefan ; Živný, Stanislav Backdoors into heterogeneous classes of SAT and CSPArtikel Article 2017
6Creignou, Nadia ; Papini, Odile ; Pichler, Reinhard ; Woltran, Stefan Belief revision within fragments of propositional logicArtikel Article2014
7Bäckström, Christer ; Jonsson, Peter ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Szeider, Stefan A Complete Parameterized Complexity Analysis of Bounded PlanningArtikel Article Nov-2015
8Eiter, Thomas ; Ortiz, Magdalena ; Šimkus, Mantas Conjunctive query answering in the description logic SH using knotsArtikel Article 2012
9Samer, Marko ; Szeider, Stefan Constraint Satisfaction with Bounded Treewidth RevisitedArtikel Article 2010
10Hermann, Miki ; Pichler, Reinhard Counting complexity of propositional abductionArtikel Article2010
11Brand, Cornelius Discriminantal subset convolution: Refining exterior-algebraic methods for parameterized algorithmsArticle Artikel 2022
12Mathieson, Luke ; Szeider, Stefan Editing Graphs to Satisfy Degree Constraints: A Parameterized ApproachArtikel Article2012
13Dolev, Danny ; Függer, Matthias ; Lenzen, Christoph ; Perner, Martin ; Schmid, Ulrich HEX: Scaling Honeycombs is Easier than Scaling Clock TreesArtikel Article 2016
14Gajarsky, Jakub ; Hlinený, Petr ; Obdrzalek, Jan ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Reidl, Felix ; Rossmanith, Peter ; Villaamil Sanchez, Fernando ; Sikdar, Somnath Kernelization using structural parameters on sparse graph classesArtikel Article 14-Nov-2017
15Bessy, Stéphane ; Fomin, Fedor V. ; Gaspers, Serge ; Paul, Christophe ; Perez, Anthony ; Saurabh, Saket ; Thomassé, Stéphan Kernels for Feedback Arc Set In TournamentsArtikel Article2011
16Ganian, Robert ; Hliněný, Petr ; Langer, Alexander ; Obdržálek, Jan ; Rossmanith, Peter ; Sikdar, Somnath Lower bounds on the complexity of MSO₁ model-checkingArtikel Article Feb-2014
17Eiben, Eduard ; Ganian, Robert ; Hamm, Thekla ; Kwon, O-joung Measuring what matters: Ahybrid approach to dynamic programming with treewidthArtikel Article 2021
18Ganian, Robert ; Slivovsky, Friedrich ; Szeider, Stefan Meta-kernelization with structural parametersArtikel Article 2016
19Eiben, Eduard ; Ganian, Robert ; Kanj, Iyad ; Ordyniak, Sebastian ; Szeider, Stefan On the parameterized complexity of clustering problems for incomplete dataArticle Artikel Jun-2023
20de Haan, Ronald ; Szeider, Stefan Parameterized complexity classes beyond para-NPArtikel Article 2017