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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
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1Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Mohn, Peter Longitudinal fluctuations of Co spin moments and their impact on the Curie temperature of the Heusler alloy Co2FeSiArtikel Article 2022
2Khmelevskyi, Sergii Longitudinal integration measure in classical spin space and its application to first-principle based simulations of ferromagnetic metalsArtikel Article2018
3Michor Herwig - 2017 - Magnetic properties of HoCoC2 HoNiC2 and their solid...pdf.jpgMichor, Herwig ; Steiner, Soner ; Schumer, Alexander ; Hembara, Mykola ; Levytskyy, Volodymyr ; Babizhetskyy, Volodymyr ; Kotur, Bogdan Magnetic properties of HoCoC2, HoNiC2 and their solid solutionsArticle Artikel 1-Nov-2017
4Kovacs, Alexander ; Exl, Lukas ; Kornell, Alexander ; Fischbacher, Johann ; Hovorka, Markus ; Gusenbauer, Markus ; Breth, Leonie ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Suess, Dieter ; Schrefl, Thomas Magnetostatics and micromagnetics with physics informed neural networksArtikel Article 2022
5Bittner, F. ; Woodcock, T.G. ; Schultz, L. ; Schwöbel, C. ; Gutfleisch, O. ; Zickler, G.A. ; Fidler, J. ; Üstüner, K. ; Katter, M. Normal and abnormal grain growth in fine-grained Nd-Fe-B sintered magnets prepared from He jet milled powdersArtikel Article2017
6Marchenkov, V.V. ; Perevozchikova, Yu.A. ; Kourov, N.I. ; Irkhin, V.Yu. ; Eisterer, M. ; Gao, T. Peculiarities of the electronic transport in half-metallic Co-based Heusler alloysArtikel Article2018
7Shilyashki, Georgi ; Pfützner, Helmut ; Kanto, Yusuke ; Meisl, Ulrich ; Windischhofer, Andreas ; Giefing, Markus Thin band detector for analyses of rotational magnetization in laminated machine coresArtikel Article2020