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1Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina ; Allmaier, Günter Allergenic compounds on the inner and outer surfaces of natural latex gloves: MALDI mass spectrometry and Imaging of proteinous allergensArtikel Article2009
2Schnöller, Johannes ; Pittenauer, Ernst ; Hutter, Herbert ; Allmaier, Günter Analysis of antioxidants in insulation cladding of copper wire: a comparison of different mass spectrometric techniques (ESI-IT, MALDI-RTOF and RTOF-SIMS)Artikel Article2009
3Kassler, Alexander ; Pittenauer, Ernst ; Dörr, Nicole ; Allmaier, Günter CID of singly charged antioxidants applied in lubricants by means of a 3D-ion trap and a linear-ion trap-orbitrap mass spectrometerArtikel Article 2011
4Pittenauer, Ernst ; Zehl, Martin ; Belgacem, Omar ; Raptakis, Emmanuel ; Mistrik, Robert ; Allmaier, Günter Comparison of CID spectra of singly charged polypeptide antibiotic precursor ions by positive-ion vacuum MALDI IT/RTOF and TOF/RTOF, AP-MALDI-IT and ESI-ITmass spectrometryArtikel Article2006
5Winkler, Wolfgang ; Balika, Werner ; Hausberger, Peter ; Kraushaar, Harald ; Allmaier, Günter Diamond-like carbon coated polymer-based targets in microscope slide format for MALDI mass spectrometryArtikel Article2010
6Rehulkova, Helena ; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina ; Pittenauer, Ernst ; Allmaier, Günter ; Rehulka, Pavel Improved identification of hordeins by cysteine alkylation with 2-bromoethylamine, SDS-PAGE and subsequent in-gel tryptic digestionArtikel Article2009
7Pittenauer, Ernst ; Koulakiotis, Nikolaos Stavros ; Tsarbopoulos, Anthony ; Allmaier, Guenter In-chain neutral hydrocarbon loss from cocin apocarotenoid ester glycosides and the crocetin aglycon (Crocus sativus) by ESI MSⁿ (n = 2, 3)Artikel Article2013
8Rehulka, Pavel ; Allmaier, Günter Josef Chmelik - A TributeArtikel Article2009
9Rechthaler, Justyna ; Pelzing, Matthias ; Ingendoh, Arndt ; Kukovecz, A. ; Prato, M. ; Kuzmany, Hans ; Allmaier, Günter LDI and ESI MS as well as low energy CID of a self-assembling nanorod-forming fullerene derivativeArtikel Article2011
10Seyfried, Birgit ; Siekmann, J. ; Belgacem, Omar ; Wenzel, Ryan ; Turecek, Peter ; Allmaier, Günter MALDI linear TOF mass spectrometry of PEGylated (glyco)proteinsArtikel Article2010
11Chalupová, Jana ; Sedlářová, Michaela ; Helmel, Michaela ; Řehulka, Pavel ; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina ; Allmaier, Günter ; Šebela, Marek MALDI-based intact spore mass spectrometry of downy and powdery mildewsArtikel Article2012
12Kemptner, Jasmin ; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina ; Kubicek, Christian Peter ; Allmaier, Günter Mixed volume sample preparation method for intact cell mass spectrometry of Fusarium sporesArtikel Article2009
13Zoratto, Samuele ; Weiss, Victor ; van der Horst, Jerre ; Commandeur, Jan ; Buengener, Carsten ; Foettinger-Vacha, Alexandra ; Pletzenauer, Robert ; Graninger, Michael ; Allmaier, Günter Molecular weight determination of adeno-associate virus serotype 8 virus-like particle either carrying or lacking genome via native nES gas-phase electrophoretic molecular mobility analysis and nESI QRTOF mass spectrometryArtikel Article 2021
14Brgles, Marija ; Kurtovic, Tihana ; Halassy, Beata ; Allmaier, Günter ; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina Studying disulfide bond rearrangement by MALDI-RTOF PSD and MALDI-TOF/RTOF high-energy CID (20 keV) experiments of peptides derived from ammodytoxinsArtikel Article2011
15Gärtner, Peter ; Hofbauer, Karin ; Reichel, Christian ; Geisendorfer, Thomas ; Gmeiner, Günter Synthesis and identification of hydroxylated metabolites of the ani-estrogenic agent cyclofenilArtikel Article2008