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Journal of Materials Chemistry A
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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
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1Rettenwander, D. ; Welzl, A. ; Pristat, S. ; Tietz, F. ; Taibl, S. ; Redhammer, G. J. ; Fleig, J. A microcontact impedance study on NASICON-type Li₁₊ₓAlₓTi₂₋ₓ(PO₄)₃ (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5)single crystalsArtikel Article 2016
2Walch, Gregor ; Rotter, Bernhard ; Brunauer, Georg Christoph ; Esmaeili, Esmaeil ; Opitz, Alexander Karl ; Kubicek, Markus ; Summhammer, Johann ; Ponweiser, Karl ; Fleig, Jürgen A solid oxide photoelectrochemical cell with UV light-driven oxygen storage in mixed conducting electrodesArtikel Article 2017
3Neouze, Marie-Alexandra About the interactions between nanoparticles and imidazolium moieties: emergence of original hybrid materialsArtikel Article2010
4Wolff-2023-Journal of Materials Chemistry A-vor.pdf.jpgWolff, Raffael ; Knaack, Patrick ; Seidler, Konstanze ; Gorsche, Christian ; Koch, Thomas ; Stampfl, Jürgen ; Liska, Robert Additive manufacturing of high-performance polycyanurates via photo-induced catalytic poly-trimerizationArticle Artikel 28-May-2023
5Franceschi, Giada ; Schmid, Michael ; Diebold, Ulrike ; Riva, Michele Atomically resolved surface phases of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3(110) thin filmsArtikel Article 2020
6Brandhuber, Doris ; Hüsing, Nicola ; Raab, Christina ; Torma, Viktoria ; Peterlik, Herwig Cellular mesoscopically organized silica monoliths with tailored surface chemistry by one-step drying/extraction/surface modification processesArtikel Article 2005
7Lichtenberger, Robert ; Schubert, Ulrich Chemical modification of aluminium alkoxides for sol-gel processingArtikel Article2010
8Schubert, Ulrich Chemical modification of titanium alkoxides for sol-gel processingArtikel Article2005
9Dongre, Bonny ; Carrete, Jesús ; Wen, Shihao ; Ma, Jinlong ; Li, Wu ; Mingo, Natalio ; Madsen, Georg K. H. Combined treatment of phonon scattering by electrons and point defects explains the thermal conductivity reduction in highly-doped SiArtikel Article 2020
10Herzig, C. ; Frank, J. ; Nenning, A. ; Gerstl, M. ; Bumberger, A. ; Fleig, J. ; Opitz, A. K. ; Limbeck, A. Combining electrochemical and quantitative elemental analysis to investigate the sulfur poisoning process of ceria thin film fuel electrodesArtikel Article 2022
11Rupp, G. M. ; Limbeck, A. ; Kubicek, M. ; Penn, A. ; Stöger-Pollach, M. ; Friedbacher, G. ; Fleig, J. Correlating surface cation composition and thin film microstructure with the electrochemical performance of lanthanum strontium cobaltite (LSC) electrodesArtikel Article2014
12Cao, Duoling ; Li, Wenbo ; Zhang, Xu ; Wan, Li ; Guo, Zhiguang ; Wang, Xianbao ; Eder, Dominik ; Wang, Shimin Current state-of-the-art characterization methods for probing defect passivation towards efficient perovskite solar cellsArticle Artikel 14-Jun-2022
13Zhang, Zhaoshuai ; Zhang, Long ; Liu, Yanyan ; Yang, T. ; Wang, Z. ; Yan, Xinlin ; Yu, Chuang Dendrite-free lithium-metal batteries at high rate realized using a composite solid electrolyte with an ester-PO4 complex and stable interphaseArtikel Article 2019
14Mascotto, Simone ; Tsetsgee, Otgontuul ; Müller, Klaus ; Maccato, Chiara ; Smarsly, Bernd ; Brandhuber, Doris ; Tondello, Eugenio ; Gross, Silvia Effect of microwave assisted and conventional thermal heating on the evolution of nanostructured inorganic-organic hybrid materials to binary ZrO₂-SiO₂ oxidesArtikel Article2007
15Siebenhofer, Matthäus ; Nenning, Andreas ; Wilson, George E. ; Kilner, John A. ; Rameshan, Christoph ; Kubicek, Markus ; Fleig, Jürgen ; Blaha, Peter Electronic and ionic effects of sulphur and other acidic adsorbates on the surface of an SOFC cathode materialArticle Artikel 7-Apr-2023
16Schubert, Jasmin ; Kalantari, Leila ; Lechner, Andreas ; Giesriegl, Ariane ; Nandan, Sreejith P. ; Ayala Leiva, Pablo ; Kashiwaya, Shun ; Sauer, Markus ; Foelske-Schmitz, Annette ; Rosén, Johanna ; Blaha, Peter ; Cherevan, Alexey ; Eder, Dominik Elucidating the formation and active state of Cu co-catalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionArtikel Article 2021
17Liu, Peng ; Li, Huanrong ; Wang, Yige ; Liu, Binyuan ; Zhang, Wenjun ; Yanji Wang ; Yan, Weidong ; Zhang, Hongjie ; Schubert, Ulrich Europium complexes immobilization on titania via chemical modification of titanium alkoxideArtikel Article 2008
18Halwidl, Daniel ; Mayr-Schmölzer, Wernfried ; Setvin, Martin ; Fobes, David ; Peng, Jin ; Mao, Zhiqiang ; Schmid, Michael ; Mittendorfer, Florian ; Redinger, Josef ; Diebold, Ulrike A full monolayer of superoxide: oxygen activation on the unmodified Ca₃Ru₂O₇(001) surfaceArtikel Article 2018
19Leimhofer, Lukas ; Baumgartner, Bettina ; Puchberger, Michael ; Prochaska, Thomas ; Konegger, Thomas ; Unterlass, Miriam M. Green one-pot synthesis and processing of polyimide-silica hybrid materialsArtikel Article 2017
20Lahnsteiner, Marianne ; Caldera, Michael ; Moura, Hipassia M. ; Cerron Infantes, Daniel Alonso ; Roeser, Jerome ; Konegger, Thomas ; Thomas, Arne ; Menche, Jörg ; Unterlass, Miriam M. Hydrothermal polymerization of porous aromatic polyimide networks and machine learning-assisted computational morphology evolution interpretationArtikel Article 2021