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1Tomala, Agnieszka ; Gebeshuber, I.C. ; Pauschitz, A. ; Roy, M. A comparative AFM study of carbon alloyed Mo-Se-C and W-S-C films for tribological applicationsArtikel Article2010
2Poletti, C. ; Requena, G. ; Tolnai, D. ; Cloetens, P. ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, A. Characterization of the microstructure and damage mechanisms in a Ti6Al4V alloy modified with 1 wt.% BArtikel Article2010
3Rubino, S. ; Schattschneider, P. ; Stöger-Pollach, M. ; Hébert, C. ; Rusz, J. ; Calmels, L. ; Warot-Fonrose, B. ; Houdellier, F. ; Serin, V. ; Novak, P. Energy-loss magnetic chiral dichroism (EMCD): Magnetic chiral dichroism in the electron microscopeArtikel Article 2008
4Thurner, Philipp J. ; Erickson, Blake ; Schriock, Zachary ; Langan, John ; Scott, J.S. ; Zhao, Maria ; Weaver, J ; Schitter, Georg ; Morse, D. E. ; Hansma, Paul K. High-Speed photography of the development of microdamage in trabelucar bone during compressionArtikel Article2006
5Laumann, S. ; Ikeda, M. ; Sassik, H. ; Prokofiev, A. ; Paschen, S. Meltspun Ba₈Ga₁₆₋ₓGe₃₀₊ₓ clathratesArtikel Article 2011
6Cordill, Megan J. ; Taylor, Aidan ; Schalko, Johannes ; Dehm, Gerhard Microstructure and adhesion of as-deposited and annealed Cu/Ti films on polyimideArtikel Article2011
7Czenek, Agnes ; Blanchard, Romane ; Dejaco, Alexander ; Sigurjónsson, Ólafur E. ; Örlygsson, Gissur ; Gargiulo, Paolo ; Hellmich, Christian Quantitative Intravoxel Analyses of MicroCT-Scanned Resorbing Ceramic Biomaterials - Perspectives for Computer-Aided Biomaterial DesignArtikel Article2014
8Povoden-Karadeniz, E. ; Chen, M. ; Ivas, Toni ; Grundy, A.N. ; Gauckler, L.J. Thermodynamic modeling of La2O3-SrO-Mn2O3-Cr2O3 for solid oxide fuel cell applicationsArtikel Article2012
9Opitz, Alexander K. ; Kubicek, Markus ; Huber, Stefanie ; Huber, Tobias ; Holzlechner, Gerald ; Hutter, Herbert ; Fleig, Jürgen Thin film cathodes in SOFC research: How to identify oxygen reduction pathways?Artikel Article2013