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1Fafilek, Günter ; Hadian, A.M. ; Paydar, M.H. A new look at oxygen pumping characteristics of BICUVOX.1 solid electrolyteArtikel Article2006
2Lee, J.-S. ; Fleig, Jürgen ; Maier, J. ; Kim, D.-Y. Conventional and Microcontact Impedance Studies of Mn-Zn Ferrite CeramicsArtikel Article2004
3Kupkova, Miriam ; Kupka, Martin ; Strobl, Susanne Determination of the effective Young's modulus of cellular materials from hollow bronze sheres by means of dynamic resonant methodArtikel Article2006
4Goetz, Selina ; Wibowo, Rachmat Adhi ; Bauch, Martin ; Bansal, Neha ; Ligorio, Giovanni ; List-Kratochvil, Emil ; Linke, Christian ; Franzke, Enrico ; Winkler, Jörg ; Valtiner, Markus ; Dimopoulos, Theodoros Fast sputter deposition of MoOₓ/metal/MoOₓ transparent electrodes on glass and PET substratesArtikel Article 2021
5Kharlamova, Marianna V. ; Kramberger, Christian ; Domanov, Oleg ; Mittelberger, Andreas ; Yanagi, Kazuhiro ; Pichler, Thomas ; Eder, Dominik Fermi level engineering of metallicity-sorted metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes by encapsulation of few-atom-thick crystals of silver chlorideArtikel Article 2018
6Luxner, Mathias H. ; Stampfl, Juergen ; Pettermann, Heinz E. Finite Element Modeling Concepts and Linear Analyses of 3D Regular Open Cell StructuresArtikel Article2005
7Dybkov, Vasyl ; Lengauer, Walter ; Gas, Patrick Formation of boride layers at the Fe-25% Cr alloy-boron interfaceArtikel Article2006
8Kocjan, Andraž ; Konegger, Thomas ; Dakskobler, Aleš Hierarchical macroporous-mesoporous γ-alumina monolithic green bodies with high strengthArtikel Article 2017
9Wolf, Maximilian ; Edtmaier, Christian ; de Oro Calderon, Raquel Influence of carbon on the formation of γ/γ′ microstructure and κ-phase in the WC/Co–Ni–Al–W system: ab initio calculations and experimental studiesArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2022
10Lüftl, S. ; Archodoulaki, V. -M. ; Glantschnig, M. ; Seidler, S. Influence of coloration on initial material properties and on thermooxidative ageing of a polyoxymethylene copolymerArtikel Article2007
11Oddone, Valerio ; Segl, Jakob ; Prakasam, Mythili ; Hartmann, Martin T. ; Silvain, Jean-François ; Edtmaier, Christian ; Reich, Stephanie Isotropic thermal expansion in anisotropic thermal management composites filled with carbon fibres and graphiteArtikel Article 2018
12Kariem Hawraa - 2018 - Micro-CT-based identification of double porosity in fired...pdf.jpgKariem, Hawraa ; Hellmich, Christian ; Kiefer, Thomas ; Jäger, Andreas ; Füssl, Josef Micro-CT-based identification of double porosity in fired clay ceramicsArticle Artikel Jul-2018
13Koch, Thomas ; Seidler, Sabine ; Halwax, Erich ; Bernstorff, Sigrid Microhardness of quenched and annealed isotactic polypropyleneArtikel Article 2007
14Fritsch, Andreas ; Dormieux, Luc ; Hellmich, Christian ; Sanahuja, Julien Micromechanics of Crystal Interfaces in Polycrystalline Solid Phases of Porous Media: Fundamentals and Application to Strength of Hydroxayapatite BiomaterialsArtikel Article2007
15Edtmaier Christian - 2018 - Microstructural characterization and quantitative...pdf.jpgEdtmaier, Christian ; Segl, Jakob ; Rosenberg, Erwin ; Liedl, Gerhard ; Pospichal, Robert ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas Microstructural characterization and quantitative analysis of the interfacial carbides in Al(Si)/diamond compositesArticle Artikel Nov-2018
16Wagner, Leopold ; Bader, Thomas K. ; de Borst, Karin Nanoindentation of Wood Cell Walls: Effects of Sample Preparation and Indentation ProtocolArtikel Article 2014
17Todt, Melanie ; Rammerstorfer, Franz G. ; Paris, Oskar ; Fischer, Franz D. Nanomchanical Studies of the Compressive Behavior of Carbon FibersArtikel Article2010
18Neouze, Marie-Alexandra Nanoparticle assemblies: Main synthesis pathways and brief overview on some important applicationsArtikel Article2013
19Barriobero Vila, Pere ; Requena, Guillermo ; Warchomicka, Fernando ; Stark, Andreas ; Schell, Norbert ; Buslaps, Thomas Phase transformation kinetics during continuous heating of a β-quenched Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al alloyArtikel Article 2015
20Reichmann, Klaus ; Völkl, Elmar ; Ahrens, Martin ; Fleig, Jürgen ; Vötsch, Jürgen Piezoelectric properties and conductivity of Pb(Zr,Ti)O₃ with SrO-WO₃ additiveArtikel Article2010