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Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
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1Rachůnková, Irena ; Pulverer, Gernot ; Weinmüller, Ewa B. A unified approach to singular problems arising in the membran theoryArtikel Article2010
2Jüngel, Ansgar ; Pinnau, René ; Röhrig, Elisa Analysis of a bipolar energy-transport model for a metal-oxide-semiconductor diodeArtikel Article2011
3Gerstenmayer, Anita ; Jüngel, Ansgar Analysis of a degenerate parabolic cross-diffusion system for ion transportArtikel Article 2018
4Gerhold, Stefan ; Tomovski, Živorad Asymptotic expansion of Mathieu power series and trigonometric Mathieu seriesArtikel Article 2019
5Arnold, Anton ; Kim, JinMyong ; Yao, Xiaohua Estimates for a class of oscillatory integrals and decay rates for wave-type equationsArtikel Article2012
6Gasser, Ingenuin ; Szmolyan, Peter ; Wächtler, Johannes Existence of Chapman-Jouguet Detonation and Deflagration WavesArtikel Article 2016
7Taghvafard, Hadi ; Jardón-Kojakhmetov, Hildeberto ; Szmolyan, Peter ; Cao, Ming Geometric analysis of oscillations in the Frzilator modelArtikel Article 2021
8Arnold, Anton ; Carrillo, José Antonio ; Klapproth, Corinna Improved entropy decay estimates for the heat equationArtikel Article2008
9Okhrati, Ramin ; Schmock, Uwe Itô's formula for finite variation Lévy processes: The case of non-smooth functionsArtikel Article 2015
10Holzinger, Philipp ; Jüngel, Ansgar Large-time asymptotics for a matrix spin drift-diffusion modelArtikel Article 2020
11Ober, Michael Lp-Minkowski valuations on Lq-spacesArtikel Article 1-Jun-2014
12Berg, Astrid ; Schuster, Franz E. Lutwak-Petty projection inequalities for Minkowski valuations and their dualsArtikel Article 2020
13Rachunkova, Irena ; Koch, Othmar ; Pulverer, G. ; Weinmüller, Ewa On a Singular Boundary Value Problem Arising in the Theory of Shallow Membrane CapsArtikel Article2007
14Arnold, Anton ; Carrillo, José Antonio ; Dhamo, Elidon On the periodic Wigner-Poisson-Fokker-Planck systemArtikel Article2002
15Osmolovskii, Nikolai P. ; Veliov, Vladimir M. On the strong subregularity of the optimality mapping in mathematical programming and calculus of variationsArtikel Article 2021
16Grandits, Peter ; Kovacevic, Raimund M. ; Veliov, Vladimir M. Optimal control and the Value of Information for a Stochastic Epidemiological SIS-ModelArtikel Article 2019
17Osmolovskii, Nikolai P. ; Veliov, Vladimir M. Optimal control of age-structured systems with mixed state-control constraintsArtikel Article 2017
18Veliov, Vladimir M. Optimal Control of Heterogeneous Systems: Basic TheoryArtikel Article2008
19Simon, C. ; Skritek, B. ; Veliov, V.M. Optimal immigration age-patterns in populations of fixed sizeArtikel Article2013
20Miao, Zhouqian ; Popović, Nikola ; Szmolyan, Peter Oscillations in a cAMP signaling model for cell aggregation - a geometric analysisArtikel Article 2020