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Journal of Membrane Science
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1Radovanovic, P. ; Kellner, M. ; Matovic, J. ; Liska, R. ; Koch, T. Asymmetric membranes with interpenetrating proton-conducting morphology made by a combination of immersion precipitation and photopolymerizationArtikel Article2012
2Uchytil, Petr ; Loimer, Thomas Large mass flux differences for opposite flow directions of a condensable gas through an asymmetric porous membraneArtikel Article2014
3Loimer, Thomas Linearized description of the non-isothermal flow of a saturated vapor through a micro-porous membraneArtikel Article2007
4Haddadi, Bahram ; Jordan, Christian ; Miltner, Martin ; Harasek, Michael Membrane modeling using CFD: Combined evaluation of mass transfer and geometrical influences in 1D and 3DArtikel Article 2018
5Ecker, J. ; Raab, T. ; Harasek, M. Nanofiltration as key technology for the separation of LA and AAArtikel Article2012
6Makaruk, A. ; Harasek, M. Numerical algorithm for modelling multicomponent multipermeator systemsArtikel Article2009
7Schausberger, P. ; Norazman, N. ; Li, H. ; Chen, V. ; Friedl, A. Simulation of protein ultrafiltration using CFD : Comparison of concentration polarisation and fouling effects with filtration and protein adsorption experimentsArtikel Article2009
8Loimer, Thomas ; Uchytil, Petr ; Petrickovic, Roman ; Setnickova, Katerina The flow of butane and isobutane vapors near saturation through porous Vycor glass membranesArtikel Article2011