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Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
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1Dabsch Alexander - 2017 - MEMS cantilever based magnetic field gradient sensor.pdf.jpgDabsch, Alexander Andreas ; Rosenberg, Christoph ; Stifter, Michael ; Keplinger, Franz MEMS cantilever based magnetic field gradient sensorArticle Artikel May-2017
2Aguinsky, Luiz Felipe ; Wachter, Georg ; Manstetten, Paul ; Rodrigues, Frâncio ; Trupke, Michael ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Hössinger, Andreas ; Weinbub, Josef Modeling and Analysis of Sulfur Hexafluoride Plasma Etching for Silicon Microcavity ResonatorsArtikel Article2021
3Stampfl, J ; Baudis, Stefan ; Heller, Christian ; Liska, Robert ; Neumeister, Andre ; KLING, Rainer ; Ostendorf, Andreas ; Spitzbart, Manfred Photopolymers with tunable mechanical properties processed by laser-based high-resolution stereolithographyArticle Artikel 2008
4Patocka F - 2019 - Position-dependent mass responsivity of silicon MEMS...pdf.jpgPatocka, F. ; Schneider, M. ; Dörr, N. ; Schneidhofer, C. ; Schmid, U. Position-dependent mass responsivity of silicon MEMS cantilevers excited in the fundamental, two-dimensional roof tile-shaped modeArticle Artikel 2019
5Pfusterschmied, G ; Weinmann, C ; Schneider, M ; Platz, D ; Shen, Naijian ; Sader, J ; Schmid, U Sound dissipation from plate-type resonators excited in non-conventional transversal modes in liquidsArtikel Article2020
6Dorfmeister M - 2019 - Switching performance of bistable membranes activated...pdf.jpgDorfmeister, Manuel ; Kössl, Bernhard ; Schneider, Michael ; Pfusterschmied, Georg ; Schmid, Ulrich Switching performance of bistable membranes activated with integrated piezoelectric thin film transducersArticle Artikel Oct-2019
7Dabsch Alexander - 2017 - Temperature dependency of silicon structures for...pdf.jpgDabsch, Alexander Andreas ; Rosenberg, Christoph ; Stifter, Michael ; Keplinger, Franz Temperature dependency of silicon structures for magnetic field gradient sensingArticle Artikel Feb-2018