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Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications
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1Novak, A. J. ; Feichtinger, G. ; Leitmann, G. A differential game related to terrorism: Nash and Stackelberg strategies.Artikel Article2010
2Caulkins, Jonathan P. ; Feichtinger, Gustav ; Grass, Dieter ; Hartl, Richard F. ; Kort, Peter M. ; Novak, Andreas J. ; Seidl, Andrea ; Wirl, Franz A Dynamic Analysis of Schelling's Binary Corruption Model: A Competitive Equilibrium Approach.Artikel Article 2014
3El Ouardighi, Fouad ; Feichtinger, Gustav ; Grass, Dieter ; Hartl, Richard F. ; Kort, Peter M. Advertising and Quality-Dependent Word-of-Mouth in a Contagion Sales ModelArtikel Article 2016
4Feichtinger, Gustav ; Hartl, Richard F. ; Kort, Peter M. ; Seidl, Andrea ; Wrzaczek, Stefan Asymmetric Information in a Capital Accumulation Differential Game with Spillover and Learning EffectsArticle Artikel 20-Jun-2022
5Caulkins, Jonathan P. ; Feichtinger, Gustav ; Grass, Dieter ; Tragler, Gernot Bifurcating DNS thresholds in a model of organizational bridge buildingArtikel Article2007
6Feichtinger, Gustav ; Steindl, Alois DNS Curves in a Production/Inventory ModelArtikel Article2006
7Caulkins, Jonathan P. ; Feichtinger, Gustav ; Gavrila, Caius ; Greiner, Alfred ; Haunschmied, Josef L. ; Kort, Peter M. ; Tragler, Gernot Dynamic Cost-Benefit Analysis of Drug Substitution ProgramsArtikel Article2006
8Yegorov, Yuri ; Grass, Dieter ; Mirescu, Magda ; Feichtinger, Gustav ; Wirl, Franz Growth and Collapse of Empires: A Dynamic Optimization ModelArtikel Article 2020
9Hartl, Richard F. ; Kort, Peter M. ; Feichtinger, Gustav Multiple equilibria and thresholds due to relative investment costsArtikel Article 2004
10Skritek, B. ; Veliov, V. M. On the Infinite-Horizon Optimal Control of Age-Structured SystemsArtikel Article 2015
11Phan, Vuong On the Weak Convergence of the Extragradient Method for Solving Pseudo-Monotone Variational InequalitiesArtikel Article Feb-2018
12Seidl, Andrea ; Wrzaczek, Stefan ; El Ouardighi, Fouad ; Feichtinger, Gustav Optimal Career Strategies and Brain Drain in AcademiaArtikel Article 2016
13Eisenberg, Julia ; Grandits, Peter ; Thonhauser, Stefan Optimal consumption under deterministic incomeArtikel Article2014
14Lombardi, Nico ; Longinetti, Marco ; Manselli, Paolo ; Venturi, Adriana Rectifiability property for plane paths and descent curvesArtikel Article 2020
15Kopel, Michael ; Szidarovszky, F Resource Dynamics under Partial Cooperation in an OligopolyArtikel Article2006
16Düring, B. ; Jüngel, A. ; Volkwein, S. Sequential Quadratic Programming Method for Volatility Estimation in Option PricingArtikel Article2008
17Feichtinger, Gustav ; Novak, Andreas J. Terror and counterterror operations: differential game with cyclical Nash solutionArtikel Article2008