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Journal of Organic Chemistry
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1Chen, Pan-Pan ; Ma, Pengchen ; He, Xue ; Svatunek, Dennis ; Liu, Fang ; Houk, Kendall N. Computational Exploration of Ambiphilic Reactivity of Azides and Sustmann's Paradigmatic ParabolaArtikel Article2021
2Svatunek, Dennis ; Pemberton, Ryan P. ; Mackey, Joel L. ; Liu, Peng ; Houk, K. N. Concerted [4+2] and Stepwise (2+2) Cycloadditions of Tetrafluoroethylene with Butadiene: DFT and DLPNO-UCCSD(T) ExplorationsArtikel Article2020
3Pálvölgyi, Ádám Márk ; Smith, Jakob ; Schnürch, Michael ; Bica-Schröder, Katharina Counterion-Enhanced Pd/Enamine Catalysis: Direct Asymmetric α‑Allylation of Aldehydes with Allylic Alcohols by Chiral Amines and Achiral or Racemic Phosphoric AcidsArtikel Article2021
4Meindl, Birgit ; Pfennigbauer, Katharina ; Stöger, Berthold ; Heeney, Martin ; Glöcklhofer, Florian Double Ring-Closing Approach for the Synthesis of 2,3,6,7- Substituted Anthracene DerivativesArtikel Article2020
5Kaiser, Maximilian ; Schönbauer, David ; Schragl, Katharina ; Weil, Matthias ; Gaertner, Peter ; Enev, Valentin S Efforts toward the Total Synthesis of Elisabethin AArticle Artikel 18-Nov-2022
6Svatunek, Dennis ; Hansen, Thomas ; Houk, Kendall N. ; Hamlin, Trevor A. How the Lewis Base F- Catalyzes the 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition between Carbon Dioxide and NitriliminesArtikel Article2021
7Turlik, Aneta ; Houk, K. N. ; Svatunek, Dennis Origin of Increased Reactivity in Rhenium-Mediated Cycloadditions of TetrazinesArtikel Article2021
8Templ-2022-Journal of Organic Chemistry-vor.pdf.jpgTempl, Johanna ; Schnürch, Michael Selective α-Methylation of Aryl Ketones Using Quaternary Ammonium Salts as Solid Methylating AgentsArticle Artikel 18-Mar-2022
9Bader, Dorian ; Fröhlich, Johannes ; Kautny, Paul Thienopyrrolo[3,2,1-jk]carbazoles: Building Blocks for Functional Organic MaterialsArtikel Article2020