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1Setvin, Martin ; Buchholz, Maria ; Hou, Weiyi ; Zhang, Cui ; Stöger, Bernhard ; Hulva, Jan ; Simschitz, Thomas ; Shi, Xiao ; Pavelec, Jiri ; Parkinson, Gareth S. ; Xu, Mingchun ; Wang, Yuemin ; Schmid, Michael ; Wöll, Christof ; Selloni, Annabella ; Diebold, Ulrike A Multitechnique Study of CO Adsorption on the TiO₂ Anatase (101) SurfaceArtikel Article2015
2Lorenz, Harald ; Stöger-Pollach, Michael ; Schwarz, Sabine ; Pfaller, Kristian ; Klötzer, Bernhard ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Penner, Simon A new preparation pathway to well-defined In2O3 nanoparticles at low substrate temperaturesArtikel Article2008
3Abdolhosseini, Saeed ; Boroun, Mohammad ; Pourfath, Mahdi Ab Initio Analysis of Periodic Self-Assembly Phases of Borophene as Anode Material for Na-Ion BatteriesArticle Artikel 18-Mar-2021
4Gamba Vasquez, Oscar Alberto ; Noei, Heshmat ; Pavelec, Jiri ; Bliem, Roland ; Schmid, Michael ; Diebold, Ulrike ; Stierle, A. ; Parkinson, Gareth S. Adsorption of formic acid on the Fe₃O₄(001) surfaceArtikel Article2015
5Uzunova, Ellie L. ; Mikosch, Hans ; Hafner, Jürgen Adsorption of NO on Cu-SAPO-34 and Co-SAPO-34: A Periodic DFT StudyArtikel Article2008
6Schneider, Johannes ; Kollhoff, Fabian ; Schindler, Torben ; Bichlmaier, Stephan ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Unruh, Tobias ; Libuda, Jörg ; Berger, Thomas ; Diwald, Oliver Adsorption, Ordering, and Metalation of Porphyrins on MgO Nanocube Surfaces: The Directional Role of Carboxylic Anchoring GroupsArtikel Article 2016
7Azar, Nima Sefidmooye ; Pourfath, Mahdi Aggregation Kinetics and Stability Mechanisms of Pristine and Oxidized Nanocarbons in Polar SolventsArtikel Article 2016
8Nenning, Andreas ; Opitz, Alexander K. ; Rameshan, Christoph ; Rameshan, Raffael ; Blume, Raoul ; Hävecker, Michael ; Knop-Gericke, Axel ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Klötzer, Bernhard ; Fleig, Jürgen Ambient Pressure XPS Study of Mixed Conducting Perovskite-Type SOFC Cathode and Anode Materials under Well-Defined Electrochemical PolarizationArtikel Article 2016
9Berger, Thomas ; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa ; Monllor-Satoca, Damián ; Gómez, Roberto An electrochemical study on the nature of trap states in nanocrystalline rutile thin filmsArtikel Article2007
10Werner, Daniel ; Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar ; Wielend, Dominik ; Geistlinger, Katharina ; Saputri, Wahyu D. ; Griesser, Ulrich J. ; Drazević, Emil ; Hofer, Thomas S. ; Portenkircher, Engelbert Analysis of the Ordering Effects in Anthraquinone Thin Films and Its Potential Application for Sodium Ion BatteriesArtikel Article 2021
11Basnar, Bernhard ; Litschauer, Marco ; Strasser, Gottfried ; Neouze, Marie-Alexandra Analyzing imidazolium bridging in nanoparticle networks covalently linked to silicon substratesArtikel Article2012
12Glass, Stefan ; Reis, Felix ; Bauernfeind, Maximilian ; Aulbach, Julian ; Scholz, Markus R. ; Adler, Florian ; Dudy, Lenart ; Li, Gang ; Claessen, Ralph ; Schäfer, Jörg Atomic-Scale Mapping of Layer-By-Layer Hydrogen Etching and Passivation of SiC(0001) SubstratesArtikel Article 2016
13Kraushofer, Florian ; Jakub, Zdenek ; Bichler, Magdalena ; Hulva, Jan ; Drmota, Peter ; Weinold, Michael ; Schmid, Michael ; Setvin, Martin ; Diebold, Ulrike ; Blaha, Peter ; Parkinson, Gareth S. Atomic-Scale Structure of the Hematite α-Fe₂O₃(1102) "R-Cut" SurfaceArtikel Article 2018
14Virdi, Kulpreet S. ; Kauffmann, Yaron ; Ziegler, Christian ; Ganter, Pirmin ; Blaha, Peter ; Lotsch, Bettina V. ; Kaplan, Wayne D. ; Scheu, Christina Band Gap Extraction from Individual Two-Dimensional Perovskite Nanosheets Using Valence Electron Energy Loss SpectroscopyArtikel Article 2016
15Ansaripour, Iman ; Pourfath, Mahdi Charge-Induced Two-Step Structural Phase Transition in the MoTe₂–WSeTe Hetero-BilayerArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2021
16Li, Xia ; Haunold, Thomas ; Werkovits, Stefan ; Marks, Laurence D ; Blaha, Peter ; Rupprechter, Günther CO Adsorption and Disproportionation on Smooth and Defect-Rich Ir(111)Article Artikel 21-Apr-2022
17Anic, Kresimir ; Bukhtiyarov, Andrey V. ; Li, Hao ; Rameshan, Christoph ; Rupprechter, Günther CO Adsorption on Reconstructed Ir(100) Surfaces from UHV to mbar Pressure: A LEED, TPD, and PM-IRAS StudyArtikel Article 2016
18Suchorski, Yuri ; Wrobel, R. ; Becker, S. ; Weiss, H. CO Oxidation on a CeOₓ/Pt(111) Inverse Model Catalyst Surface: Catalytic Promotion and Tuning of Kinetic Phase DiagramsArtikel Article2008
19Zorn, Katrin ; Giorgio, Suzanne ; Halwax, Erich ; Henry, Claude R. ; Grönbeck, Henrik ; Rupprechter, Günther CO Oxidation on Technological Pd-Al₂O₃ Catalysts: Oxidation State and ActivityArtikel Article2011
20Bayer, Bernhard C. ; Fouquet, Martin ; Blume, Raoul ; Wirth, Christoph T. ; Weatherup, Robert S. ; Ogata, Ken ; Knop-Gericke, Axel ; Schlögl, Robert ; Hofmann, Stephan ; Robertson, John Co-Catalytic Solid-State Reduction Applied to Carbon Nanotube GrowthArtikel Article2012