Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
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1Carpeggiani, P A ; Reduzzi, M ; Comby, A ; Ahmadi, H ; Kühn, S ; Frassetto, F ; Poletto, L ; Hoff, D ; Ullrich, J ; Schröter, C D ; Moshammer, R ; Paulus, G G ; Sansone, G Attosecond electronic recollision as field detectorArtikel Article 2018
2Scrinzi, Armin ; Ivanov, M. Y. ; Kienberger, R. ; Villeneuve, David M. Attosecond physicsArtikel Article 2006
3Krüger, Michael ; Lemell, Christoph ; Wachter, Georg ; Burgdörfer, Joachim ; Hommelhoff, Peter Attosecond physics phenomena at nanometric tipsArtikel Article 2018
4Igenbergs, K ; Schweinzer, J ; Veiter, A ; Perneczky, L ; Frühwirth, E ; Wallerberger, M ; Olson, R E ; Aumayr, F Charge exchange and ionisation in N⁷⁺-, N⁶⁺-, C⁶⁺- H(n = 1,2) collisions studied systematically by theoretical approachesArtikel Article 2012
5Igenbergs, Katharina ; Schweinzer, Josef ; Aumayr, Friedrich Charge exchange in Be⁴⁺-H(n = 1, 2) collisions studied systematically by atomic-orbital close-coupling calculationsArtikel Article 2009
6Niggas-2024-JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS-vor.pdf.jpgNiggas, Anna ; Werl, Matthias ; Aumayr, Friedrich ; Wilhelm, Richard Arthur Charge exchange of slow highly charged ions from an electron beam ion trap with surfaces and 2D materialsArticle Artikel 18-Mar-2024
7Spanner, M ; Gräfe, S ; Chelkowski, S ; Pavičić, D ; Meckel, M ; Zeidler, D ; Bardon, A B ; Ulrich, B ; Bandrauk, A D ; Villeneuve, D M ; Dörner, R ; Corkum, P B ; Staudte, A Coulomb asymmetry and sub-cycle electron dynamics in multiphoton multiple ionization of H2Artikel Article2012
8Ding, R ; Kanungo, S K ; Whalen, J D ; Killian, T C ; Dunning, F B ; Yoshida, S ; Burgdörfer, J Creation of vibrationally-excited ultralong-range Rydberg molecules in polarized and unpolarized cold gases of 87SrArtikel Article 2020
9Wyker, B ; Ye, S ; McKinney, T J ; Dunning, F B ; Yoshida, S ; Reinhold, C O ; Burgdörfer, J Decoherence of high-l Rydberg wave packetsArtikel Article2011
10Koch, Markus ; Heim, Pascal ; Thaler, Bernhard ; Kitzler, Markus ; Ernst, Wolfgang E Direct observation of a photochemical activation energy: a case study of acetone photodissociationArtikel Article 2017
11Feist, J ; Pazourek, R ; Nagele, S ; Persson, E ; Schneider, B I ; Collins, L A ; Burgdörfer, J Electron correlation in two-photon double ionization of helium from attosecond to XFEL pulsesArtikel Article2009
12Dunning, F B ; Mestayer, J J ; Reinhold, C O ; Yoshida, S ; Burgdörfer, J Engineering atomic Rydberg states with pulsed electric fieldsArtikel Article2009
13Erattupuzha, Sonia ; Covington, Cody L ; Russakoff, Arthur ; Lötstedt, Erik ; Larimian, Seyedreza ; Hanus, Václav ; Bubin, Sergiy ; Koch, Markus ; Gräfe, Stefanie ; Baltuška, Andrius ; Xie, Xinhua ; Yamanouchi, Kaoru ; Varga, Kálmán ; Kitzler, Markus Enhanced ionisation of polyatomic molecules in intense laser pulses is due to energy upshift and field coupling of multiple orbitalsArtikel Article 2017
14Tökési, Karoly ; Juhász, B. ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Exotic Rydberg atom formation in low-energy antiproton-helium collisionsArtikel Article2005
15Haessler, S ; Bom, L B Elouga ; Gobert, O ; Hergott, J-F ; Lepetit, F ; Perdrix, M ; Carré, B ; Ozaki, T ; Salières, P Femtosecond envelope of the high-harmonic emission from ablation plasmasArtikel Article2012
16Hunn, Stefan ; Hiller, Moritz ; Cohen, Doron ; Kottos, Tsampikos ; Buchleitner, Andreas Inelastic chaotic scattering on a Bose-Einstein condensateArtikel Article2012
17Reinhold, C O ; Yoshida, S ; Burgdörfer, J ; Wyker, B ; Mestayer, J J ; Dunning, F B Large-scale quantum coherence of nearly circular wave packetsArtikel Article2009
18Dorner-Kirchner, Martin ; Erattupuzha, Sonia ; Larimian, Seyedreza ; Koch, Markus ; Hanus, Václav ; Kangaparambil, Sarayoo ; Paulus, Gerhard ; Baltuška, Andrius ; Xie, Xinhua ; Kitzler-Zeiler, Markus ; Wang, YanLan ; Lai, XuanYang ; Yu, ShaoGang ; Sun, RenPing ; Liu, XiaoJun Laser-subcycle control of electronic excitation across system boundariesArtikel Article 2021
19Zhang, Li ; Roither, Stefan ; Xie, Xinhua ; Kartashov, Daniil V. ; Schöffler, Markus ; Xu, Huailiang ; Iwasaki, Atsushi ; Gräfe, Stefanie ; Okino, Tomoya ; Yamanouchi, Kaoru ; Baltuska, Andrius ; Kitzler, Markus Path-selective investigation of intense laser pulse-induced fragmentation dynamics in triply charged 1,3-butadieneArtikel Article 2012
20Pazourek, Renate ; Nagele, Stefan ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Probing time-ordering in two-photon double ionization of helium on the attosecond time scaleArtikel Article 2015