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1Jakovac, I ; Horvatić, M ; Schwier, E F ; Prokofiev, A ; Paschen, S ; Mitamura, H ; Sakakibara, T ; Grbić, M S 105Pd NMR and NQR study of the cubic heavy fermion system Ce3Pd20Si6Artikel Article 2020
2Kostelnik, P. ; Sikola, T. ; Varga, Peter ; Schmid, Michael A LEED study of NO superstructures on the Pd(111) surfaceArtikel Article2009
3Lovesey, S W ; Balcar, E A model of magneto-electric multipolesArtikel Article2015
4Kinkhabwala, Yusuf ; Sverdlov, Viktor ; Likharev, Konstantin A Numerical Study of Coulomb Interaction Effects on 2D Hopping TransportArtikel Article2006
5Kinkhabwala, Yusuf ; Sverdlov, Viktor ; Korotkov, Alexander N ; Likharev, Konstantin A Numerical Study of Transport and Shot Noise in 2D HoppingArtikel Article2006
6Vernes, A ; Szunyogh, L ; Weinberger, P A numerically improved computational scheme for the optical conductivity tensor in layered systemsArtikel Article2001
7Stoeffler, Daniel ; Etz, Corina Ab initio electronic structure and magnetism in Sr₂XMoO₆ (X = Fe or Co) double perovskite systems: a GGA and GGA + U comparative studyArtikel Article2006
8Yigit, Nevzat ; Genest, Alexander ; Terloev, Schamil ; Möller, Jury ; Rupprechter, Günther Active sites and deactivation of room temperature CO oxidation on Co₃O₄ catalysts: combined experimental and computational investigationsArticle Artikel 29-Jun-2022
9Dufour, C. ; Khomorenkov, V. ; Wang, Y.Y. ; Wang, Z.G. ; Aumayr, Friedrich ; Toulemonde, M. An attempt to apply the inelastic thermal spike model to surface modifications of CaF₂ induced by highly charged ions: comparison to swift heavy ions effects and extension to some others materialArtikel Article 27-Jan-2017
10Tran, F ; Blaha, Peter ; Schwarz, Karlheinz Band gap calculations with Becke-Johnson exchange potentialArtikel Article 2007
11Held, K ; Andersen, O K ; Feldbacher, M ; Yamasaki, A ; Yang, Y-F Bandstructure meets many-body theory: the LDA+DMFT methodArtikel Article2008
12Winkler, H ; Lorenzer, K-A ; Laumann, S ; Custers, J ; Prokofiev, A ; Paschen, S Chemical pressure, dilution and disorder in the heavy fermion compounds Ce3−xLaxPd20Si6 (x=1/3, 2/3)Artikel Article 17-Feb-2011
13Kahl, Gerhard ; Löwen, Hartmut Classical density functional theory: an ideal tool to study heterogeneous crystal nucleationArtikel Article2009
14Nasir, N ; Grytsiv, A ; Melnychenko-Koblyuk, N ; Rogl, P ; Bauer, E ; Lackner, Robert ; Royanian, E ; Giester, G ; Saccone, A Clathrates Ba₈{Zn, Cd}ₓSi₄₆₋ₓ, x~7: synthesis, crystal structure and thermoelectric propertiesArtikel Article 2009
15Doppelbauer, Günther ; Noya, Eva G ; Bianchi, Emanuela ; Kahl, Gerhard Competing ordered structures formed by particles with a regular tetrahedral patch decorationArtikel Article2012
16Coslovich, Daniele ; Kahl, Gerhard ; Krakoviack, Vincent Complex dynamics of fluids in disordered and crowded environmentsArtikel Article 2011
17Rogl, Gerda ; Grytsiv, Andriy ; Melnychenko-Koblyuk, Nalaliya ; Bauer, Ernst ; Laumann, Stefan ; Rogl, P. Compositional dependence of the thermoelectric properties of (SrxBaxYb1 − 2x)yCo4Sb12 skutteruditesArtikel Article 2011
18Kahl, Gerhard ; Kresse, Georg Computational materials scienceArtikel Article2011
19Weinbub, Josef ; Kosik, Robert Computational Perspective on Recent Advances in Quantum Electronics: From Electron Quantum Optics to Nanoelectronic Devices and SystemsArtikel Article 2022
20Toneian, David ; Likos, Christos N ; Kahl, Gerhard Controlled self-aggregation of polymer-based nanoparticles employing shear flow and magnetic fieldsArtikel Article 2019