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1Zhou, Liangcai ; Holec, David ; Mayrhofer, Paul H Ab initio study of the alloying effect of transition metals on structure, stability and toughness of CrNArtikel Article 2013
2Porrati, F ; Barth, S ; Sachser, R ; Jungwirth, F ; Eltsov, M ; Frangakis, A S ; Huth, M Binary Mn-Si nanostructures prepared by focused electron beam induced deposition from the precursor SiH₃Mn(CO)₅Artikel Article 2018
3Roshanghias, A ; Khatibi, G ; Pelzer, R ; Steinbrenner, J ; Bernardi, J Cross-sectional nanoindentation (CSN) studies on the effect of thickness on adhesion strength of thin filmsArtikel Article2014
4Durá, O J ; Bauer, E ; Vázquez, L ; López de la Torre, M A Depressed thermal conductivity of mechanically alloyed nanocrystalline 10 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconiaArtikel Article2010
5Tyaginov, S E ; Vexler, M I ; Sokolov, N S ; Suturin, S M ; Banshchikov, A G ; Grasser, T ; Meinerzhagen, B Determination of Correlation Length for Thickness Fluctuations in Thin Oxide and Fluoride FilmsArtikel Article2009
6Hirohata, Atsufumi ; Huminiuc, Teodor ; Sinclair, John ; Wu, Haokaifeng ; Samiepour, Marjan ; Vallejo-Fernandez, Gonzalo ; O’Grady, Kevin ; Balluf, Jan ; Meinert, Markus ; Reiss, Günter ; Simon, Eszter ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Szunyogh, Laszlo ; Díaz, Rocio Yanes ; Nowak, Ulrich ; Tsuchiya, Tomoki ; Sugiyama, Tomoko ; Kubota, Takahide ; Takanashi, Koki ; Inami, Nobuhito ; Ono, Kanta Development of antiferromagnetic Heusler alloys for the replacement of iridium as a critically raw materialArtikel Article 2017
7Falmbigl, M ; Nasir, N ; Grytsiv, A ; Rogl, P ; Seichter, S ; Zavarsky, A ; Royanian, E ; Bauer, E Evaluation of the thermoelectric potential of the type-I clathrate Ba 8Ni yZn xGe 46xyArtikel Article 2012
8Pentón-Madrigal, A ; Estévez-Rams, E ; Espina-Hernández, J H ; Lora-Serrano, R ; Knobel, M ; Sinnecker, E H C P ; de Oliveira, L A S ; Sinnecker, J P ; Grössinger, R ; Turtelli, R S Evolution of the microstructure and magnetic properties of Sm(Co0.6Cu0.4)5 alloys prepared with different Sm excess contentArtikel Article2009
9Eder, S J ; Cihak-Bayr, U ; Vernes, A ; Betz, G Evolution of topography and material removal during nanoscale grindingArtikel Article2015
10Horkel, Maximilian ; Van Aeken, K. ; Eisenmenger-Sittner, Christoph ; Depla, D. ; Mahieu, S. ; Leroy, W.P. Experimental determination and simulation of the angular distribution of the metal flux during magnetron sputter depositionArtikel Article 5-Feb-2010
11Lee, Jehyun ; Suess, Dieter ; Schrefl, Thomas ; Oh, Kyu Hwan ; Fidler, Josef Grain geometry induced reversal behaviour alterationArtikel Article2009
12Zhang, L ; Grytsiv, Andriy ; Rogl, P. ; Bauer, E ; Zehetbauer, M. High thermoelectric performance of triple-filled n-type skutterudites (Sr,Ba,Yb)yCo₄Sb₁₂Artikel Article 2009
13Mühlich, Nina Sarah ; Seifert, Bernhard ; Aumayr, Friedrich IFM NanoThruster performance studied by experiments and simulationsArtikel Article 2020
14Schneider, M ; Bittner, A ; Schmid, U Improved piezoelectric constants of sputtered aluminium nitride thin films by pre-conditioning of the silicon surfaceArtikel Article2015
15Pacholik, Gernot ; Enzlberger, Ludwig ; Benzer, Anna ; Rameshan, Raffael ; Latschka, Markus ; Rameshan, Christoph ; Föttinger, Karin In situ XPS studies of MoS2-based CO2 hydrogenation catalystsArtikel Article 2021
16Hollerweger, R ; Holec, D ; Paulitsch, J ; Rachbauer, R ; Polcik, P ; Mayrhofer, P H Magnetic field strength influence on the reactive magnetron sputter deposition of Ta2O5Artikel Article2013
17Leitgeb Markus - 2017 - Metal assisted photochemical etching of 4H silicon...pdf.jpgLeitgeb, Markus ; Zellner, Christopher ; Schneider, Michael ; Schwab, Stefan ; Hutter, Herbert ; Schmid, Ulrich Metal assisted photochemical etching of 4H silicon carbideArticle Artikel 1-Nov-2017
18Dymerska, Barbara ; Lee, Jehyun ; Fidler, Josef ; Suess, Dieter Micromagnetic study of exchange spring media with a rough interface on an example of FePt filmsArtikel Article2012
19Petrov, Eugene P ; Schütz, Gerhard J Molecular movements in biomembranesArtikel Article 2017
20Arnold, Andreas M ; Reismann, Alexander W A F ; Sevcsik, Eva ; Schütz, Gerhard J Monte Carlo simulations of protein micropatterning in biomembranes: effects of immobile nanofeatures with reduced diffusivityArtikel Article 2020