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1Unger, Johannes ; Hametner, Christoph ; Jakubek, Stefan ; Quasthoff, Marcus A novel methodology for non-linear system identification of battery cells used in non-road HEVArtikel Article2014
2Rojek-Wöckner, Veronika ; Opitz, Alexander ; Brandner, Marco ; Mathe, Jörg ; Bram, Martin A novel Ni/ceria-based anode for metal-supported solid oxide fuel cellsArtikel Article 2016
3Zhang, Z. ; Zhang, Long ; Yan, Xinlin ; Wang, Hongqiang ; Liu, Yanyan ; Yu, Chuang ; Cao, Xiaoting ; Eijck, Lambert van ; Wen, Bin All-in-one improvement toward Li6PS5Br-Based solid electrolytes triggered by compositional tuneArtikel Article 2019
4Fafilek, Günter ; Kronberger, Hermann Contaminant absorption and conductivity in polymer electrolyte membranesArtikel Article2005
5Doppler, M.C. ; Fleig, J. ; Bram, M. ; Opitz, A.K. Hydrogen oxidation mechanisms on Ni/yttria stabilized zirconia anodes: Separation of reaction pathways by geometry variation of pattern electrodesArtikel Article 2018
6Kronberger, Hermann ; Fabjan, Christoph Investigations of the factors causing performance losses of lead/acid traction batteriesArtikel Article1994
7Ritzberger, Daniel ; Jakubek, Stefan Nonlinear data-driven identification of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells for diagnostic purposes: A Volterra series approachArtikel Article 2017
8Fleig, J. On the width of the electrochemically active region in mixed conducting solid oxide fuel cell cathodesArtikel Article2002
9Ritzberger, D. ; Striednig, M. ; Simon, C. ; Hametner, C. ; Jakubek, S. Online estimation of the electrochemical impedance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells using broad-band current excitationArtikel Article 2018
10Nitsche, Christoph ; Schroedl, S. ; Weiss, Wolfgang ; Pucher, Ernst Rapid (practical) methodology for creation of fuel cell systems models with scalable complexityArtikel Article2005
11Thaler, Florian ; Udomsilp, David ; Schafbauer, Wolfgang ; Bischof, Cornelia ; Fukuyama, Yosuke ; Miura, Yohei ; Kawabuchi, Mari ; Taniguchi, Shunsuke ; Takemiya, Satoshi ; Nenning, Andreas ; Opitz, Alexander Karl ; Bram, Martin Redox stability of metal-supported fuel cells with nickel/gadolinium doped ceria anodeArtikel Article 2019
12Kronberger, Hermann ; Bruckner, Kurt ; Fabjan, Christoph Reduction of oxygen from electrolyte emulsions with high oxygen contentsArtikel Article2000
13Hametner, Christoph ; Jakubek, Stefan State of charge estimation for Lithium Ion cells: Design of experiments, nonlinear identification and fuzzy observer designArtikel Article2013
14Kravos, Andraz̆ ; Ritzberger, Daniel ; Tavc̆ar, Gregor ; Hametner, Christoph ; Jakubek, Stefan ; Katras̆nik, Tomaz̆ Thermodynamically consistent reduced dimensionality electrochemical model for proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance modelling and controlArtikel Article 2020
15Krammer, Martin ; Schmid, Alexander ; Kubicek, Markus ; Fleig, Juergen Utilizing oxygen gas storage in rechargeable oxygen ion batteriesArticle Artikel 1-Sep-2023