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Journal of Scheduling
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1Winter, Felix ; Musliu, Nysret A large neighborhood search approach for the paint shop scheduling problemArtikel Article 2021
2De Coster, Arnaud ; Musliu, Nysret ; Schaerf, Andrea ; Schoisswohl, Johannes ; Smith-Miles, Kate Algorithm selection and instance space analysis for curriculum-based course timetablingArtikel Article 2021
3Vass-2022-Journal of Scheduling-vor.pdf.jpgVass, Johannes ; Lackner, Marie-Louise ; Mrkvicka, Christoph ; Musliu, Nysret ; Winter, Felix Exact and meta-heuristic approaches for the production leveling problemArtikel Article Jun-2022
4Moser, Maximilian ; Musliu, Nysret ; Schaerf, Andrea ; Winter, Felix Exact and metaheuristic approaches for unrelated parallel machine schedulingArtikel Article 2021
5Mischek, Florian ; Musliu, Nysret ; Schaerf, Andrea Local search approaches for the test laboratory scheduling problem with variable task groupingArtikel Article 2021