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1Carrillo-Cabrera, W. ; Borrmann, H. ; Paschen, Silke ; Baenitz, M. ; Steglich, Frank ; Grin, YU. Ba₆Ge₂₅: low-temperature Ge-Ge bond breaking during temperature-induced structure transformationArtikel Article2005
2Zeiringer, I. ; Moser, R. ; Kneidinger, F. ; Podloucky, R. ; Royanian, E. ; Grytsiv, A. ; Bauer, E. ; Giester, G. ; Falmbigl, M. ; Rogl, P. Clathrate formation in the systems Sr-Cu-Ge and {Ba,Sr}-Cu-GeArtikel Article 2014
3Weil, Matthias ; Kremer, Reinhard K. Crystal growth and crystal structures of six novel phases in the Mn/As/O/Cl(Br) system, as well as magnetic properties of alpha-Mn3(AsO4)2.Artikel Article 2017
4Nasir, Navida ; Grytsiv, Andriy ; Melnychenko-Koblyuk, Nataliya ; Rogl, Peter ; Bednar, Ingeborg ; Bauer, Ernst Crystal structure and physical properties of quaternary clathrates Ba8ZnxGe46-x-ySiy, Ba-8(Zn,Cu)(x)Ge46-x and Ba-8(Zn,Pd)(x)Ge46-xArtikel Article 2010
5Liu, Ying-Ya ; Grzywa, Maciej ; Weil, Matthias ; Volkmer, Dirk [Cu₄OCl₆(DABCO)₂]0.5DABCO.4CH₃OH("MFU-5"): Modular synthesis of a zeolite-like metal-organic framework constructed from tetrahedral {Cu₄OCl₆} secodary building units and line4ar organic linkersArtikel Article2010
6Götsch, Thomas ; Ploner, Kevin ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Schlicker, Lukas ; Gili, Albert ; Doran, Andrew ; Gurlo, Aleksander ; Penner, Simon Formation of Pd-Ce intermetallic compounds by reductive metal-support interactionArtikel Article 2018
7Schlicker, Lukas ; Bekheet, Maged F. ; Gili, Albert ; Doran, Andrew ; Gurlo, Aleksander ; Ploner, Kevin ; Schachinger, Thomas ; Penner, Simon Hydrogen reduction and metal-support interaction in a metastable metaloxide system: Pd on rhombohedral In2O3Artikel Article 2018
8Artner, Christine ; Weil, Matthias Lead(II) oxidotellurates(VI) with double perovskite structuresArtikel Article 2019
9Kazda, T. ; Čudek, P. ; Vondrák, J. ; Sedlaříková, M. ; Tichý, J. ; Slávik, M. ; Fafilek, G. ; Čech, O. Lithium-sulphur batteries based on biological 3D structuresArtikel Article 2018
10Sologub, Oksana ; Rogl, Peter ; Salamakha, Leonid ; Bauer, Ernst ; Hilscher, Gerfried ; Michor, Herwig ; Giester, Gerald On phase equilibria and crystal structures in the systems Ce-Pd-B and Yb-Pd-B. Physical properties of R2Pd13.6B5 (R=Yb, Lu)Artikel Article 2010
11Sologub Oksana - 2017 - On the boron rich phases in the Yb-B system.pdf.jpgSologub, Oksana ; Salamakha, Leonid ; Stöger, Berthold ; Rogl, Peter ; Mori, Takao ; Eguchi, Gaku ; Michor, Herwig ; Bauer, Ernst On the boron rich phases in the Yb-B systemArticle Artikel Nov-2017
12Gribanov, Alexander ; Grytsiv, Andriy ; Royanian, Esmaeil ; Rogl, Peter ; Bauer, Ernst ; Giester, Gerald ; Seropegin, Yurii On the system cerium-platinum-siliconArtikel Article 2008
13Salamakha Leonid - 2015 - Pt1-xCux3Cu2B and Pt9Cu3B5 the first examples of...pdf.jpgSalamakha, Leonid ; Sologub, Oksana ; Stöger, Berthold ; Michor, Herwig ; Bauer, Ernst ; Rogl, Peter (Pt1-xCux)3Cu2B and Pt9Cu3B5, the first examples of copper platinum borides. Observation of superconductivity in a novel boron filled β-Mn-type compoundArticle Artikel Sep-2015
14Artner, Christine ; Weil, Matthias Re-examination of "Pb₃TeO₆": Determination of its correct composition as Pb₅TeO₈Artikel Article2013
15Weil, Matthias ; Stöger, Berthold ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian ; Libowitzky, Eugen Structural insights into the thermal decomposition sequence of barium thetrahydrogenorthotellurate(VI), Ba[H₄TeO₆]Artikel Article 2016
16Body, M ; Silly, G ; Legein, C ; Buzare, J-Y. ; Calvayrac, F ; Blaha, Peter Structural investigations of β-CaAlF₅ by coupling powder XRD, NMR, EPR and spectroscopic parameter calculationsArtikel Article2005
17Paul-Boncour, V. ; Filipek, S.M. ; Sato, R. ; Wierzbicki, R. ; André, G. ; Porcher, F. ; Reissner, M. ; Wiesinger, G. Structuralandmagneticpropertiesof RMn_{2-x}FeₓD₆ compounds (R = Y, Er; x #lt=0.2) synthesizedunderhighdeuteriumpressureArtikel Article2011
18Priestner, Magdalena ; Singer, Gerald ; Weil, Matthias ; Kremer, Reinhard K. ; Libowitzky, Eugen Synthesis, structural, magnetic and thermal properties of Mn2As2O5, the first pyro-arsenite of a first-row transition metalArtikel Article 2019
19He, M. ; Okudera, H. ; Fleig, J. ; Simon, A. ; Chen, X.L. ; Maier, J. The Al³⁺ stabilized phase Li₃₋₃ₓAlₓBO₃Artikel Article2005
20Weil, Matthias ; Stöger, B. The mercury chromates Hg₆Cr₂O₉ and Hg₆Cr₂O₁₀ - preparation and crystal structures, and thermal behaviour of Hg₆Cr₂O₉Artikel Article2006