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1Resch, Stefan ; Steininger, Andreas ; Scherrer, Christoph A Composable Real-Time Architecture for Replicated Railway ApplicationsArtikel Article2015
2Schoeberl, Martin A Java processor architecture for embedded real-time systemsArtikel Article2008
3Shrivastava, Nivedita ; Hanif, Muhammad Abdullah ; Mittal, Sparsh ; Sarangi, Smruti Ranjan ; Shafique, Muhammad A survey of hardware architectures for generative adversarial networksArtikel Article 2021
4Puschner, Peter ; Kirner, Raimund Asynchronous vs. synchronous interfacing to time-triggered communication systemsArtikel Article 2020
5Maroun, Emad Jacob ; Schoeberl, Martin ; Puschner, Peter Compiling for time-predictability with dual-issue single-path codeArtikel Article 2021
6Elshuber, Martin ; Obermaisser, Roman Dependable and predictable time-triggered Ethernet networks with COTS componentsArtikel Article 2013
7Yang, Shinhyung ; Jeong, Seongho ; Min, Byunguk ; Kim, Yeonsoo ; Burgstaller, Bernd ; Blieberger, Johann Design-space evaluation for non-blocking synchronization in Ada: lock elision of protected objects, concurrent objects, and low-level atomicsArtikel Article 2020
8Martins, André Luís del Mestre ; da Silva, Alzemiro Henrique Lucas ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Dutt, Nikil ; Moraes, Fernando Gehm Hierarchical adaptive Multi-objective resource management for many-core systemsArtikel Article 2019
9Alwasel, Khaled ; Jha, Devki Nandan ; Habeeb, Fawzy ; Demirbaga, Umit ; Rana, Omer ; Baker, Thar ; Dustdar, Scharam ; Villari, Massimo ; James, Philip ; Solaiman, Ellis ; Ranjan, Rajiv IoTSim-Osmosis: A framework for modeling and simulating IoT applications over an edge-cloud continuumArtikel Article 2021
10Liu, Shaoteng ; Jantsch, Axel ; Lu, Zhonghai MultiCS: Circuit switched NoC with multiple sub-networks and sub-channelsArtikel Article Oct-2015
11Kirner, Raimund ; Puschner, Peter A qualitative cybersecurity analysis of time-triggered communication networks in automotive systemsArticle Artikel Mar-2023
12Schoeberl, Martin ; Abbaspour, Sahar ; Akesson, Benny ; Audsley, Neil ; Capasso, Raffaele ; Garside, Jamie ; Goossens, Kees ; Goossens, Sven ; Hansen, Scott ; Heckmann, Reinhold ; Hepp, Stefan ; Huber, Benedikt ; Jordan, Alexander ; Kasapaki, Evangelia ; Knoop, Jens ; Li, Yonghui ; Prokesch, Daniel ; Puffitsch, Wolfgang ; Puschner, Peter ; Rocha, André ; Silva, Cláudio ; Sparso, Jens ; Tocchi, Alessandro T-CREST: Time-Predictable Multi-Core Architecture for Embedded SystemsArtikel Article 2015
13Farfeleder, Stefan ; Krall, Andreas ; Horspool, Nigel Ultra Fast Cycle-Accurate Compiled Emulation of Inorder Pipelined ArchitecturesArtikel Article 2007