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Journal of the European Mathematical Society
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1Kellner, Jakob ; Goldstern, Martin ; Mejia, Diego Alejandro ; Shelah, Saharon Cichon's Maximum without large cardinals.Artikel Article 2021
2Jochemko, Katharina ; Sanyal, Raman Combinatorial positivity of translation-invariant valuations and a discrete Hadwiger theoremArtikel Article 2018
3Stufler-2023-Journal of the European Mathematical Society-vor.pdf.jpgStufler, Benedikt Local convergence of random planar graphsArtikel Article 4-Mar-2023
4Schuster, Franz ; Wannerer, Thomas Minkowski valuations and generalized valuationsArtikel Article 2018
5Haberl, Christoph Minkowski valuations intertwining the special linear groupArtikel Article2012
6Böröczky, Károly ; Ludwig, Monika Minkowski valuations on lattice polytopesArtikel Article 2019
7Drmota, Michael ; Mauduit, Christian ; Rivat, Joël Normality among SquaresArtikel Article 2019
8Davoli, Elisa ; Friedrich, Manuel Two-well linearization for solid-solid phase transitionsArticle Artikel 2023