Logical Methods in Computer Science

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Logical Methods in Computer Science
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1Hetzl, Stefan ; Vierling, Jannik Clause Set Cycles and InductionArtikel Article 2020
2Kotek, Tomer ; Makowsky, Johann A. Connection Matrices and the Definability of Graph ParametersArtikel Article2014
3Bydzovsky, Jan ; Krajicek, Jan ; Oliveira, Igor Consistency of circuit lower bounds with bounded theoriesArtikel Article 2020
4Creignou, Nadia ; Pichler, Reinhard ; Woltran, Stefan Do Hard SAT-Related Reasoning Tasks Become Easier in the Krom Fragment?Artikel Article 2018
5Metcalfe, George ; Cabrer, Leonardo Exact Unification and AdmissibilityArtikel Article 2015
6Ganian, Robert ; Hlineny, Petr ; Kral, Daniel ; Obdrzalek, Jan ; Schwartz, Jarett ; Teska, Jakub FO Model Checking of Interval GraphsArtikel Article2015
7Hetzl, Stefan ; Strassburger, Lutz Herbrand-ConfluenceArtikel Article2013
8Randrianomentsoa-2023-Logical Methods in Computer Science-vor.pdf.jpgRandrianomentsoa, Rojo Fanamperana ; van Ditmarsch, Hans ; Kuznets, Roman Impure simplicial complexes: complete axiomatizationArticle Artikel 18-Oct-2023
9Ramanayake, Don Revantha Shiyan Inducing syntactic cut-elimination for indexed nested sequentsArtikel Article 2018
10Kiesl, Benjamin ; Seidl, Martina ; Tompits, Hans ; Biere, Armin Local Redundancy in SAT: Generalizations of Blocked ClausesArtikel Article 2018
11Wiesnet, Franziskus ; Schwichtenberg, Helmut Logic for exact real arithmeticArtikel Article 20-Apr-2021
12Nenzi, Laura ; Bartocci, E. ; Bortolussi, Luca ; Loreti, Michele A Logic for Monitoring Dynamic Networks of Spatially-distributed Cyber-Physical SystemsArticle Artikel 2022
13Aschieri, Federico On Natural Deduction for Herbrand Constructive Logics I: Curry-Howard Correspondence for Dummett's Logic LCArtikel Article 2016
14Dawar, Anuj ; Veith, Helmut Selected Papers of the Conference "Computer Science Logic CSL 2010": PrefaceArtikel Article2012
15Hetzl, Stefan ; Wong, Tin Lok Some observations on the logical foundations of inductive theorem provingArtikel Article 2018
16Sokolova, Ana ; Woracek, Harald Termination in Convex Sets of DistributionsArtikel Article 2018
17Baaz, Matthias ; Ciabattoni, Agata ; Fermüller, Christian Theorem proving for prenex Gödel logic with Delta: checking validity and unsatisfiabilityArtikel Article 6-Mar-2012
18Droste, Manfred ; Kuich, Werner Weighted omega-Restricted One-Counter AutomataArtikel Article 2018