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1Chaudhary, Mohit ; Saboo, Nikhil ; Gupta, Ankit ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Steineder, Michael Assessing the effect of fillers on LVE properties of asphaltmastics at intermediate temperaturesArtikel Article2020
2Steineder, Michael ; Peyer, Martin Johannes ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Chaudhary, Mohit ; Saboo, Nikhil ; Gupta, Ankit Comparing different fatigue test methods at asphalt mastic levelArtikel Article 2022
3Ferrotti, Gilda ; Baaj, Hassan ; Besamusca, Jeroen ; Bocci, Maurizio ; Cannone Falchetto, A ; Grenfell, James ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Porot, Laurent ; Poulikakos, Lily ; Zhanping, You Comparison between bitumen aged in laboratory and recovered from HMA and WMA lab mixturesArtikel Article2018
4Schlappal Thomas - 2017 - Creep and cracking of concrete hinges insight from...pdf.jpgSchlappal, Thomas ; Schweigler, Michael ; Gmainer, Susanne ; Peyerl, Martin ; Pichler, Bernhard Creep and cracking of concrete hinges: insight from centric and eccentric compression experimentsArticle Artikel 2017
5Kariem, Hawraa ; Kiefer, Thomas ; Hellmich, Christian ; Gaggl, Wolfgang ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas ; Füssl, Josef EDX/XRD-Based Identification of Micrometer-Sized Domains in Scanning Electron Micrographs of Fired ClayArtikel Article2020
6Saed, Seyed Ataollah ; Kamboozia, Neda ; Hofko, Bernhard Experimental assessment and modeling of fracture and fatigue resistance of aged stone matrix asphalt (SMA) mixtures containing RAP materials and warm-mix additive using ANFIS methodArtikel Article2021
7Hofko B - 2018 - FTIR spectral analysis of bituminous binders reproducibility...pdf.jpgHofko, Bernhard ; Porot, L. ; Cannone Falchetto, A. ; Poulikakos, L. ; Huber, L. ; Lu, X. ; Mollenhauer, K. ; Grothe, Hinrich FTIR spectral analysis of bituminous binders: reproducibility and impact of ageing temperatureArticle Artikel 2018
8Preinstorfer, Philipp ; Kromoser, Benjamin Influence of geometrical parameters on the splitting forces in textile-reinforced concreteArtikel Article2020
9Hofer, Kristina ; Mirwald, Johannes ; Maschauer, Daniel ; Grothe, Hinrich ; Hofko, Bernhard Influence of selected reactive oxygen species on the long-term aging of bitumenArtikel Article 2022
10Hospodka Markus - 2018 - Introducing a new specimen shape to assess the fatigue...pdf.jpgHospodka, Markus ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Blab, Ronald Introducing a new specimen shape to assess the fatigue performance of asphalt mastic by dynamic shear rheometer testingArticle Artikel 2018
11Hofko, Bernhard M&S highlight: Di Benedetto et al. (2004), Fatigue of bituminous mixturesArtikel Article 2022
12Graziani, A. ; Di Benedetto, H. ; Perraton, D. ; Sauzéat, C. ; Hofko, B. ; Poulikakos, L. D. ; Pouget, S. Recommendation of RILEM TC 237-SIB on complex Poisson's ratio characterization of bituminous mixturesArtikel Article2017
13Hugener, Martin ; Wang, Di ; Falchetto, Augusto ; Porot, Laurent ; Hofko, Bernhard Recommendation of RILEM TC 264 RAP on the evaluation of asphalt recycling agents for hot mix asphaltArtikel Article 2022
14Mirwald, Johannes ; Nura, Drilon ; Hofko, Bernhard Recommendations for handling bitumen prior to FTIR spectroscopyArtikel Article 2022
15Poulikakos, Lily D. ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Cannone Falchetto, Augusto ; Porot, Laurent ; Ferrotti, Gilda ; Grenfell, James Recommendations of RILEM TC 252-CMB: relationship between laboratory short-term aging and performance of asphalt binderArtikel Article2019
16Hofko Bernhard - 2017 - Repeatability and sensitivity of FTIR ATR spectral...pdf.jpgHofko, Bernhard ; Alavi, Mohammad Zia ; Grothe, Hinrich ; Jones, David ; Harvey, John Repeatability and sensitivity of FTIR ATR spectral analysis methods for bituminous bindersArticle Artikel 2017
17Wang, Di ; Cannone Falchetto, Augusto ; Poulikakos, Lily ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Porot, Laurent RILEM TC 252-CMB report: rheological modeling of asphalt binder under different short and long-term aging temperaturesArtikel Article2019