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1Etemad, A. ; Dini, G. ; Schwarz, S. Accumulative roll bonding (ARB)-processed high-manganese twinning induced plasticity (TWIP) steel with extraordinary strength and reasonable ductilityArtikel Article2018
2Toth, F. ; Kirchlechner, C. ; Fischer, F.D. ; Dehm, G. ; Rammerstorfer, F.G. Compressed Bi-Crystal Micropillars Showing a Sigmoidal Deformation State - A Computational StudyArtikel Article2017
3Zareghomsheh, Mohammad ; Khatibi, Golta ; Weiss, Brigitte ; Lederer, Martin ; Schwarz, Sabine ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas ; Tikhonovsky, M. ; Tabachnikova, E.D. ; Schafler, Erhard High cycle fatigue deformation mechanisms of a single phase CrMnFeCoNi high entropy alloyArtikel Article2020
4Bugelnig, Katrin ; Sket, Federico ; Germann, Holger ; Steffens, Thomas ; Koos, Robert ; Wilde, Fabian ; Boller, Elodie ; Requena, Guillermo Influence of 3D connectivity of rigid phases on damage evolution during tensile deformation of an AlSi12Cu4Ni2 piston alloyArtikel Article2018
5Delshadmanesh, M. ; Khatibi, G. ; Ghomsheh, M. Zare ; Lederer, M. ; Zehetbauer, M. ; Danninger, H. Influence of microstructure on fatigue of biocompatible β-phase Ti-45NbArtikel Article2017
6Khodabakhshi, Farzad ; Zareghomsheh, Mohammad ; Khatibi, Golta Nanoindentation creep behavior of SAC-based lead-free nanocomposite solders reinforced by Ni-coated MW-CNTsArtikel Article2020
7Österreicher, Johannes Albert ; Papenberg, Nikolaus Peter ; Kumar, Manoj ; Ma, Duancheng ; Schwarz, Sabine ; Schlögl, Carina Maria Quantitative prediction of the mechanical properties of precipitationhardened alloys with special application to Al-Mg-SiArtikel Article2017
8Österreicher, Johannes Albert ; Kumar, Manoj ; Schiffl, Andreas ; Schwarz, Sabine ; Bourret, Gilles Remi Secondary precipitation during homogenization of Al-Mg-Si alloys: Influence on high temperature flow stressArtikel Article2017
9Soliman, Mohamed ; Shan, Yao ; Mendez Martin, Francisca ; Kozeschnik, Ernst ; Palkowski, Heinz Strain aging characterization and physical modelling of over-aging in dual phase steelArtikel Article2020
10Kreyca, Johannes ; Kozeschnik, Ernst Temperature-dependent strain hardening, precipitation and deformationinduced microstructure evolution in AA 6061Artikel Article2017
11Batista, Fatima ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Joelle, de Visscher ; Tanghe, Tina ; Sá da Costa, Margarida Towards improved correlations between bitumen properties and rutting resistance of bituminous mixtures - FunDBitS literature reviewArtikel Article2017