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Microelectronic Engineering
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RADARWEG 29a, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1043 NX
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1Filipovic, Lado ; Selberherr, Siegfried A Method for Simulating Atomic Force Microscope Nanolithography in the Level Set FrameworkArtikel Article2013
2Smetana, Walter ; Balluch, Bruno ; Stangl, Günther ; Gaubitzer, E. ; Edetsberger, M. ; Köhler, G. A multi-sensor biological monitoring module built up in LTCC-technologyArtikel Article2007
3Steffes, Harald ; Schleunitz, A. ; Gernert, U. ; Chabicovsky, Rupert ; Obermeier, Ernst A novel optical gas sensor based on sputtered InxOyNz films with gold-nano-dotsArtikel Article2006
4Seliger, Norbert ; Habaš, Predrag ; Gornik, Erich A Study of Backside Laser-Probe Signals in MOSFETsArtikel Article1996
5Först, Clemens J. ; Ashman, Christopher ; Schwarz, Karlheinz ; Blöchl, Peter Ab-initio simulations on growth and interface properties of epitaxial oxides on siliconArtikel Article2005
6Brenner, Werner ; Sümecz, Franz ; Almansa, Ana Advanced methods and tools for handling and assembly in microtechnology - A European approach in FP6Artikel Article2006
7Habas, Predrag ; Prijić, Z. ; Pantić, D. The Application of Charge-Pumping Technique to Characterize the Si/Si02 Interface in Power VDMOSFETsArtikel Article 1995
8Andrijasevic, Daniela ; Smetana, Walter ; Zehetner, Johann ; Zoppel, S. ; Brenner, Werner Aspects of micro structuring Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC) for realisation complex 3D objects by embossingArtikel Article2007
9Baer, E. ; Evanschitzky, P. ; Lorenz, J. ; Roger, F. ; Minixhofer, R. ; Filipovic, L. ; de Orio, R.L. ; Selberherr, S. Coupled Simulation to Determine the Impact of Across Wafer Variations in Oxide PECVD on Electrical and Reliability Parameters of Through-Silicon ViasArtikel Article 2015
10Schartner, Stefan ; Golka, Sebastian ; Pflügl, Christian ; Schrenk, Werner ; Strasser, Gottfried Deeply etched waveguides structures for quantum cascade lasersArtikel Article2006
11Keller, Stephan Sylvest ; Gammelgaard, L. ; Jensen, M.P. ; Schmid, Silvan ; Davis, Zachary J. ; Boisen, Anja Deposition of biopolymer films on micromechanical sensorsArtikel Article Aug-2011
12Cvetanovic, Aleksandra ; Cvetanovic, Andreja ; Deutschinger, Alexander ; Giouroudi, Ioanna ; Brenner, Werner Design of a novel visual and control system for the prevention of the collision during the micro handling in a SEM chamberArtikel Article2009
13Adamovic, Nadja ; Vujanic, Aleksandar Development of UV-LIGA integrated vibrometer using 3 x 3 directional couplerArtikel Article2007
14Fischer, Markus ; Wanzenböck, Heinz D. ; Gottsbachner, Josef ; Müller, Stefan ; Brezna, Wolfgang ; Schramböck, Matthias ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich Direct-Writing with a Focused Electron BeamArtikel Article2006
15Bittner, A. ; Seidel, H. ; Schmid, U. Electromigration resistance and long term stability of textured silver thin films on LTCCArtikel Article2010
16Larsen, Tom ; Keller, Stephan ; Schmid, Silvan ; Dohn, Søren ; Boisen, Anja Fabrication and Characterization of SRN/SU-8 Bimorph Cantilevers for Temperature SensingArtikel Article2011
17Khan, M.F. ; Schmid, S. ; Davis, Z.J. ; Dohn, S. ; Boisen, A. Fabrication of resonant micro cantilevers with integrated transparent fluidic channelArtikel Article2011
18Schoendorfer, C. ; Lugstein, A. ; Bischoff, L. ; Hyun, Y.J. ; Pongratz, P. ; Bertagnolli, E. FIB induced growth of antimony nanowiresArtikel Article2007
19Lancaster, Suzanne ; Kriz, Martin ; Schinnerl, Markus ; MacFarland, Donald ; Zederbauer, Tobias ; Andrews, Aaron Maxwell ; Schrenk, Werner ; Strasser, Gottfried ; Detz, Hermann Focused ion beam implantation for the nucleation of self-catalyzed III-V nanowiresArtikel Article 2017
20Schöndorfer, Christoph ; Lugstein, Alois ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich Focused Ion Beam induced Nanodot and Nanofiber GrowthArtikel Article2006