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1Aznar, Francisco ; Gaberl, Wolfgang ; Zimmermann, Horst A 0.18 μ CMOS transimpedance amplifier with 26 dB dynamic range at 2.5 Gb/sArtikel Article2011
2Sanvale, Prachi ; Gupta, Neha ; Neema, Vaibhav ; Shah, Ambika Prasad ; Vishvakarma, Santosh Kumar An Improved Read-Assist Energy Efficient Single Ended P-P-N Based 10T SRAM Cell for Wireless Sensor NetworArtikel Article 2019
3Khan, Sajid ; Shah, Ambika Prasad ; Gupta, Neha ; Chouhan, Shailesh Singh ; Pandey, Jai Gopal ; Vishvakarma, Santosh Kumar An Ultra-Low Power, Reconfigurable, Aging Resilient RO PUF for IoT ApplicationsArtikel Article 2019
4Kausel, W. ; Nylander, J.O. ; Nanz, G. ; Selberherr, S. ; Poetzl, H. BAMBI - A Transient 2D-MESFET Model with General Boundary Conditions Including Schottky and Current Controlled ContactsArtikel Article 1990
5Sofianos, S.A. ; Rampho, G.J. ; Azemtsa Donfack, H. ; Lagaris, I.E. ; Leeb, H. Design of quantum filters with pre-determined reflection and transmission propertiesArtikel Article2007
6Kosina, H. ; Langer, E. ; Selberherr, S. Device Modelling for the 1990sArtikel Article1995
7Harlander, Christian ; Sabelka, Rainer ; Selberherr, Siegfried Efficient Inductance Calculation in Interconnect Structures by Applying the Monte Carlo MethodArtikel Article2003
8Rhayem, J. ; Besbes, B. ; Blečić, R. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Haberfehlner, G. ; Pogany, D. ; Desoete, B. ; Gillon, R. ; Wieers, A. ; Tack, M. Electro-thermal characterization and simulation of integrated multi-trenched XtreMOSTM power devicesArtikel Article2012
9Valinataj, Mojtaba ; Jantsch, Axel Hierarchical multipliers: A framework for high-speed multiple error detecting architecturesArticle Artikel 2022
10Amjad, Rida ; Hafiz, Rehan ; Ilyas, Muhammad U. ; Younis, Muhammad Shahzad ; Shafique, Muhammad m-SAAC: Multi-stage Adaptive Approximation Control to Select Approximate Computing Modes for Vision ApplicationsArtikel Article 2019
11Schramböck, Matthias ; Andrews, Aaron Maxwell ; Roch, Tomas ; Schrenk, Werner ; Lugstein, Alois ; Strasser, Gottfried Nano-patterning and growth of self-assembled quantum dotsArtikel Article2006
12Schweiger, Kurt ; Zimmermann, Horst Passive mixer with OPA filter for DVB-H front-end in 65 nm digital CMOS technologyArtikel Article2012
13Stippel, H. ; Leitner, E. ; Pichler, Ch. ; Puchner, H. ; Strasser, E. ; Selberherr, S. Process Simulation for the 1990sArtikel Article1995
14Mazahir, Sana ; Hasan, Osman ; Shafique, Muhammad Self-Compensating Accelerators for Efficient Approximate ComputingArtikel Article 2019
15Li, Ling ; Meller, Gregor ; Kosina, Hans Temperature and Field-Dependence of Hopping Conduction in Organic SemiconductorsArtikel Article2006
16Halama, S. ; Fasching, F. ; Fischer, C. ; Kosina, H. ; Leitner, E. ; Lindorfer, P. ; Pichler, Ch. ; Pimingstorfer, H. ; Puchner, H. ; Rieger, G. ; Schrom, G. ; Simlinger, T. ; Stiftinger, M. ; Stippel, H. ; Strasser, E. ; Tuppa, W. ; Wimmer, K. ; Selberherr, S. The Viennese Integrated System for Technology CAD ApplicationsArtikel Article1995
17Selberherr, S. ; Langer, E. Three Dimensional Process and Device ModelingArtikel Article1989