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1Matović, Jovan ; Jakšić, Zoran A comparative analyze of fundamental noise in cantilever sensors based on lateral and longitudinal displacement: case of thermal infrared detectorsArtikel Article2010
2Egretzberger, Markus ; Kugi, Andreas A dynamical envelope model for vibratory gyroscopesArtikel Article2010
3Chao, Paul C. P. ; Chang, Chun-Kai ; Cheng, Chun-Kai ; Tran, Trong-Hieu ; Sauter, Thilo A new single inductor bipolar multi‑output (SIBMO) DC-DC converter driven by constant on-time with improved performanceArtikel Article 2016
4Jakšić, Olga ; Jakšić, Zoran ; Matović, Jovan Adsorption-desorption noise in plasmonic chemical/biological sensors for multiple analyte environmentArtikel Article2010
5Manzaneque, Tomás ; Hernando, J. ; Rodríguez-Aragón, L. ; Ababneh, A. ; Seidel, H. ; Schmid, U. ; Sánchez-Rojas, J. L. Analysis of the quality factor of AlN-actuated micro-resonators in air and liquidArtikel Article2010
6Toledo, J. ; Ruiz-Díez, V. ; Pfusterschmied, G. ; Schmid, U. ; Sánchez-Rojas, J. L. Calibration procedure for piezoelectric MEMS resonators to determine simultaneously density and viscosity of liquidsArtikel Article 2018
7Hernando, Jorge ; Sánchez-Rojas, Jose Luis ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Ababneh, Abdallah ; Marchand, Günter ; Seidel, Helmut Characterization and displacement control of low surface-stress AlN-based piezoelectric micro-resonatorsArtikel Article2010
8Schmid, U. ; Ababneh, A. ; Seidel, H. ; Wagner, R. ; Bauer, K. Characterization of Aluminium Nitride and Aluminium Oxide Thin Films Sputter-Deposited On Organic SubstratesArtikel Article2008
9Deutschinger, A. ; Schmid, U. ; Schneider, M. ; Brenner, W. ; Wanzenböck, H. ; Volland, B. ; Ivanov, Tzv. ; Rangelow, I. W. Characterization of an electro-thermal micro gripper and tip sharpening using FIB techniqueArtikel Article2010
10Toledo, Javier ; Manzaneque, T. ; Ruiz-Díez, V. ; Jimenez-Molinos, F. ; Kucera, Martin ; Pfusterschmied, Georg ; Wistrela, Elisabeth ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Sànchez-Rojas, Jose Luis Comparison of in‑plane and out‑of‑plane piezoelectric microresonators for real‑time monitoring of engine oil contamination with dieselArtikel Article 2016
11Smetana, Walter ; Unger, Michael Design and characterization of a humidity sensor realized in LTCC-technologyArtikel Article2008
12Ruiz, David ; Donoso, Alberto ; Bellido, José Carlos ; Kucera, Martin ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Sánchez-Rojas, José Luis Design of piezoelectric microtransducers based on the topology optimization methodArtikel Article 2016
13Alamin Dow, Ali B. ; Bittner, Achim ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Kherani, Nazir P. Design, fabrication and testing of a piezoelectric energy microgeneratorArtikel Article2014
14Cvetanovic, Aleksandra ; Cvetanovic, Andreja ; Andrijasevic, Daniela ; Giouroudi, Ioanna ; Brenner, Werner Development of a novel protective cover for micro manipulation process in the SEM chamberArtikel Article2008
15Becker, Thomas ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Michel, Bernd Editorial - Special Issue of the Conference 'Smart Sensors, Actuators and MEMS', within the SPIE Europe Symposium 'Microtechnologies for the New Millennium' Dresden, Germany, 4-6 May 2009Artikel Article2010
16Ababneh, Abdallah ; Al-Omari, A. N. ; Dagamseh, A. M. K. ; Qiu, H. C. ; Feili, D. ; Ruiz-Díez, V. ; Manzaneque, T. ; Hernando, J. ; Sánchez-Rojas, J. L. ; Bittner, A. ; Schmid, U. ; Seidel, H. Electrical characterization of micromachined AlN resonators at various back pressuresArtikel Article2014
17Thangaraj, K. ; Elefsiniots, A. ; Becker, Thomas ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Lees, J. ; Featherston, C. A. ; Pullin, R. Energy storage options for wireless sensors powered by aircraft specific thermoelectric energy harvesterArtikel Article 2014
18Ababneh, A. ; Kreher, H. ; Schmid, U. Etching Behaviour of Sputter-Deposited Aluminium Nitride Thin Films in H3P04 and KOH SolutionsArtikel Article2008
19Schmid, U. ; Schmitt-Landsiedel, D. ; Krötz, G. Evaluation of Electron Beam Welding Technique for the Integration of Robust Sensor Elements into High-Pressure Automotive SystemsArtikel Article2008
20Mair, F. ; Egretzberger, M. ; Kugi, A. Hardware implementation of an electrostatic MEMS-actuator linearizationArtikel Article2012