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1Schitter, Georg ; Allgöwer, F. ; Stemmer, A. A new control strategy for high-speed atomic force microscopyArtikel Article2004
2Lamprecht, C. ; Plochberger, Birgit ; Ruprecht, Verena ; Wieser, Stefan ; Rankl, C. ; Heister, E. ; Unterauer, B. ; Brameshuber, Mario ; Danzberger, J. ; Lukanov, P. ; Flahaut, E. ; Schütz, Gerhard ; Hinterdorfer, P. ; Ebner, Andreas A single-molecule approach to explore binding, uptake and transport of cancer cell targeting nanotubesArtikel Article2014
3Wagesreither, Stefan ; Lugstein, Alois ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich Anisotropic lithiation behavior of crystalline siliconArtikel Article2012
4Tulzer, Gerhard ; Heitzinger, Clemens Brownian-motion based simulation of stochastic reaction- diffusion systems for affinity based sensorsArtikel Article 2016
5Porrati, F ; Pohlit, M ; Müller, J ; Barth, S ; Biegger, F ; Gspan, C ; Plank, H ; Huth, M Direct writing of CoFe alloy nanostructures by focused electron beam induced deposition from a heteronuclear precursorArtikel Article2015
6Barth, Sven Christian ; Harnagea, Catalin ; Mathur, Sanjay ; Rosei, Federico The elastic moduli of oriented tin oxide nanowiresArtikel Article 2009
7Brunbauer, Florian M ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich ; Majer, Johannes ; Lugstein, Alois Electrical transport properties of single crystal Al nanowiresArtikel Article 2016
8Pobelov, Ilya V ; Mohos, Miklós ; Yoshida, Koji ; Kolivoska, Viliam ; Avdic, Amra ; Lugstein, Alois ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich ; Leonhardt, Kelly ; Denuault, Guy ; Gollas, Bernhard ; Wandlowski, Thomas Electrochemical current-sensing atomic force microscopy in conductive solutionsArtikel Article 2013
9Wagesreither, Stefan ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich ; Kawase, Shinya ; Isono, Yoshitada ; Lugstein, Alois Electrostatic actuated strain engineering in monolithically integrated VLS grown silicon nanowiresArtikel Article2014
10Schitter, Georg ; Stemmer, A. Eliminating mechanical perturbations in scanning probe microscopyArtikel Article2002
11Stern, Robin ; Dongre, Bonny ; Madsen, Georg K H Extrinsic doping of the half-Heusler compoundsArtikel Article 2016
12Hernandez-Ramirez, Francisco ; Tarancon, Albert ; Casals, Olga ; Rodriguez, Jordi ; Romano-Rodriquez, Albert ; Morante, Joan Ramon ; Barth, Sven Christian ; Mathur, Sanjay ; Choi, Tae Yoon ; Poulikakos, Dimos ; Callegari, Victor ; Nellen, Philipp M. Fabrication and electrical characterization of circuits based on individual tin oxide nanowiresArtikel Article 2006
13Avdic, A ; Lugstein, A ; Wu, M ; Gollas, B ; Pobelov, I ; Wandlowski, T ; Leonhardt, K ; Denuault, G ; Bertagnolli, E Fabrication of cone-shaped boron doped diamond and gold nanoelectrodes for AFM-SECMArtikel Article 2011
14Hochleitner, Gottfried ; Steinmair, Mathias ; Lugstein, Alois ; Roediger, Peter ; Wanzenboeck, Heinz D ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich Focused electron beam induced deposition of gold catalyst templates for Si-nanowire synthesisArtikel Article 2010
15Roediger, P ; Hochleitner, G ; Bertagnolli, E ; Wanzenboeck, H D ; Buehler, W Focused electron beam induced etching of silicon using chlorineArtikel Article 2010
16Roediger, P ; Wanzenboeck, H D ; Waid, S ; Hochleitner, G ; Bertagnolli, E Focused-ion-beam-inflicted surface amorphization and gallium implantation-new insights and removal by focused-electron-beam-induced etchingArtikel Article 2011
17Berencén, Y ; Prucnal, S ; Möller, W ; Hübner, R ; Rebohle, L ; Schönherr, T ; Khan, M Bilal ; Wang, M ; Glaser, M ; Georgiev, Y M ; Erbe, A ; Lugstein, A ; Helm, M ; Zhou, S Formation of n- and p-type regions in individual Si/SiO2 core/shell nanowires by ion beam dopingArtikel Article 2018
18Kim, Heung-Bae ; Hobler, Gerhard ; Steiger-Thirsfeld, Andreas ; Lugstein, Alois ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich Full three-dimensional simulation of focused ion beam micro/nanofabricationArtikel Article 2007
19Böckle, R ; Sistani, M ; Staudinger, P ; Seifner, M S ; Barth, S ; Lugstein, A Ge Quantum Wire MemristorArtikel Article 2020
20Waid, Simon ; Wanzenboeck, Heinz D ; Muehlberger, Michael ; Gavagnin, Marco ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich Generation of 3D nanopatterns with smooth surfacesArtikel Article 2014