Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms

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Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
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RADARWEG 29a, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1043 NX
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1Ginzel, Rainer ; Higgins, S. ; Mrowczynski, P. ; Northway, P. ; Simon, Martin C. ; Tawara, H. ; Crespo López-Urrutia, J.R. ; Ullrich, J. ; Kowarik, Gregor ; Ritter, Robert ; Meissl, Walter ; Vasko, Christoph ; Gösselsberger, Christoph ; El-Said, A.S. ; Aumayr, Friedrich A deceleration system at the Heidelberg EBIT providing very slow highly charged ions for surface nanostructuringArtikel Article 2010
2Golczewski, A. ; Dobes, K. ; Wachter, G. ; Schmid, M. ; Aumayr, F. A quartz-crystal-microbalance technique to investigate ion-induced erosion of fusion relevant surfacesArtikel Article2009
3Lugstein, Alois ; Basnar, B. ; Brezna, Wolfgang ; Weil, Matthias ; Golka, Sebastian ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich Advanced nanopattern formation by a subtrative self-organization process with focused ion beamsArtikel Article2006
4Kovač, D. ; Hobler, G. Amorphous pocket model based on the modified heat transport equation and local lattice collapseArtikel Article2009
5Otto, Gustav ; Hobler, Gerhard ; Palmetshofer, L. ; Pongratz, Peter Amorphous pockets in Si: Comparison of coupled molecular dynamics and TEM image contrast simulations with experimental resultsArtikel Article2007
6Wallner, A. ; Bichler, Max ; Dillmann, I. ; Golser, R. ; Käppeler, F. ; Kutschera, Walter ; Paul, M. ; Priller, A. ; Steier, P. ; Vockenhuber, C. AMS measurements of ⁴¹Ca and ⁵⁵Fe at VERA - two radionuclides of astrophysical interestArtikel Article 2007
7Schrempf, Dominik ; Meissl, Walter ; Aumayr, Friedrich An ultra-compact setup for measuring ion-induced electron emission statisticsArtikel Article2013
8Yoshida, S. ; Reinhold, C.O. ; Burgdörfer, J. ; Wyker, B. ; Ye, S. ; Dunning, F.B. Analysis of circular wave packets generated by pulsed electric fieldsArtikel Article2012
9Nakagawa, Sachiko T. ; Okamoto, A. ; Betz, Gerhard Antisite defect centers in 3C-SiC produced by ion irradiationArtikel Article2008
10Nakagawa, Sachiko T. ; Hashimoto, H. ; Betz, Gerhard Antisite defects in a chemical compound crystal caused by ion irradiationArtikel Article2007
11Lohmann, S. ; Niggas, A. ; Charnay, V. ; Holeňák, R. ; Primetzhofer, D. Assessing electron emission induced by pulsed ion beams: A time-of-flight approachArtikel Article 2020
12Ebm, Christoph ; Hobler, Gerhard Assessment of approximations for efficient topography simulation of ion beam processes: 10 keV Ar on SiArtikel Article2009
13Hobler, Gerhard Assessment of surface potential models by molecular dynamics simulations of atom ejection from (100)-Si surfacesArtikel Article2013
14Bashir, Shazia ; Rafique, Muhammad Shahid ; Husinsky, Wolfgang ; Hobro, Alison ; Lendl, Bernhard Atomic force microscopy and Raman scattering studies of femtosecond laser-induced nanohillocks on CR-39Artikel Article2009
15Tiwald, P. ; Lemell, C. ; Schüller, A. ; Winter, H. ; Burgdörfer, J. Atomic scattering potentials for an aluminum surface: test of ab initio calculationsArtikel Article2011
16Arbó, D.G. ; Persson, E. ; Dimitriou, K.I. ; Burgdörfer, J. Carrier-envelope phase dependence in atomic ionization by short-laser pulsesArtikel Article2009
17Hobler, G. ; Nordlund, K. Channeling maps for Si ions in Si: Assessing the binary collision approximationArtikel Article 2019
18Milosavljevic, Aleksandar R. ; Schiessl, Klaus-Michael ; Lemell, Christoph ; Tökési, Karoly ; Matefi-Tempfli, Maria ; Matefi-Tempfli, Stefan ; Marinkovic, Bratislav P. ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Charging dynamics in electron transmission through Al₂O₃ capillariesArtikel Article 15-May-2012
19Burgdörfer, Joachim Closing remarksArtikel Article2005
20Deiss, Cornelia ; Rohringer, Nina ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Cluster-laser interaction: fast production of hot electrons by short laser pulsesArtikel Article2005