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Nuclear Physics B
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RADARWEG 29, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1043 NX
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1Faber, M. ; Höllwieser, R. Center Vortices and Chiral Symmetry BreakingArtikel Article2013
2Borisenko, O. ; Voloshin, S. ; Faber, M. Field Strength Formulation, lattice Bianchi identities and perturbation theory for non-Abelian modelsArtikel Article2009
3Braun, Andreas ; Collinucci, Andres ; Valandro, Roberto G-flux in F-theory and algebraic cyclesArtikel Article 2011
4Ivanov, A.N. ; Höllwieser, R. ; Troitskaya, N.I. ; Wellenzohn, M. ; Berdnikov, Ya.A. Neutron dark matter decays and correlation coefficients of neutron beta decaysArtikel Article 2018
5Dimov, H. ; Rashkov, Radoslav C. On the anatomy of multi-spin magnon and single spike string solutionsArtikel Article 2008
6Bozhilov, P. ; Rashkov, Radoslav C. On the multi-spin magnon and spike solutions from membranesArtikel Article 2008
7Ivanov, A.N. ; Höllwieser, R. ; Troitskaya, N.I. ; Wellenzohn, M. ; Berdnikov, Ya.A. Precision analysis of pseudoscalar interactions in neutron beta decaysArtikel Article 2020
8Anastasopoulos, Pascal ; Bianchi, Massimo Revisiting light stringy states in view of the 750 GeV diphoton excessArtikel Article 2016
9Blaschke, Daniel N. ; Gieres, François ; Reboud, Méril ; Schweda, Manfred The energy-momentum tensor(s) in classical gauge theoriesArtikel Article 2016