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Optics Communications
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RADARWEG 29, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1043 NX
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1Atef, M. ; Swoboda, R. ; Zimmermann, H. 1 Gbit/s transmission over step-index plastic optical fiber using an optical receiver with an integrated equalizerArtikel Article2011
2Goll, B. ; Thomson, D.J. ; Zimmermann, L. ; Porte, H. ; Gardes, F.Y. ; Hu, Y. ; Reed, G.T. ; Zimmermann, H. 10 Gb/s 5 Vₚₚ AND 5.6 Vₚₚ drivers implemented together with a monolithically integrated silicon modulator in 0.25 μm SiGe:C BiCMOSArtikel Article 2015
3Atef, M. ; Swoboda, R. ; Zimmermann, H. 170 Mb/s multilevel transmission over 115 m standard step-index plastic optical fiber using an integrated optical receiverArtikel Article2011
4Polzer, A. ; Gaberl, W. ; Swoboda, R. ; Zimmermann, H. An 8 x 10 Gbps parallel single-chip light-to-logic converterArtikel Article2011
5Atef, Mohamed ; Swoboda, Robert ; Zimmermann, Horst An optical receiver for eight-level data communication over step index plastic optical fiberArtikel Article2010
6Longobucco, M. ; Astrauskas, I. ; Pugžlys, A. ; Pysz, D. ; Uherek, F. ; Baltuška, A. ; Buczyński, R. ; Bugár, I. Broadband self-switching of femtosecond pulses in highly nonlinear high index contrast dual-core fibreArtikel Article 2020
7Le Kien, Fam ; Liang, J.Q. ; Hakuta, K. ; Balykin, V. I. Field intensity distributions and polarization orientations in a vacuum-clad subwavelength-diameter optical fiberArtikel Article 8-Dec-2004
8Yabushita, Atsushi ; Juang, Ding-Yi ; Kao, Chih-Hsien ; Baltuška, Andrius ; Kobayashi, Takayoshi Generation of multi-color carrier-envelope phase locked pulse with continuous color tunabilityArtikel Article2014
9Atef, Mohamed ; Swoboda, Robert ; Zimmermann, Horst Giga-bit optical receiver for plastic optical fibreArtikel Article2010
10Brandl, P. ; Swoboda, R. ; Gaberl, W. ; Zimmermann, H. Integrated optical receiver for indoor wireless gigabit communicationArtikel Article2012
11Reitz, Daniel ; Rauschenbeutel, Arno Nanofiber-based double-helix dipole trap for cold neutral atomsArtikel Article2012
12Kalashnikov, V.L. ; Malyarevich, A.M. ; Yumashev, K.V. Spatially-temporal dynamics of a passively Q-swiched Raman-active solid-state oscillatorArtikel Article2010
13Nayak, K.P. ; Das, M. ; Le Kien, Fam ; Hakuta, K. Spectroscopy of Near-Surface Atoms Using an Optical NanofiberArtikel Article 15-Oct-2012
14Pham, Le Kien ; Quang, N.H. ; Hakuta, K. Spontaneous emission from an atom inside a dielectric sphereArtikel Article2000
15Rauschenbeutel, A ; Schadwinkel, H ; Gomer, V ; Meschede, D Standing light fields for cold atoms with intrinsically stable and variable time phasesArtikel Article1998
16Litvinov, A.N. ; Barantsev, K.A. ; Matisov, B.G. ; Kazakov, G.A. ; Rozhdestvensky, Yu.V. Static and dynamic phase-dependence of dark resonances and its dispersion features in double tunneling-coupled quantum wellsArtikel Article2013
17Husinsky, W. ; Ajami, A. ; Nekvindova, P. ; Svecova, B. ; Pesicka, J. ; Janecek, M. Z-scan study of nonlinear absorption of gold nano-particles prepared by ion implantation in various types of silicate glassesArtikel Article2012